New 4SIGHT™ Connect Digital Dock a Transformational Tool for Any Size Dock Operation

If you haven’t visited our 4SIGHT Logistics Solution website lately, you’ll notice a dramatic change in the content of our Dock Management solution area.

After highly positive feedback from our 4SIGHT customers, we’re proud of the time and effort that we’ve invested in 4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock.

A lot of hard work has helped to make this newest development from 4SIGHT a reality not only for our customers but for anyone who’s considering making a “smart” investment in their dock operation.

Why 4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock and why now?

The motivation behind 4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock comes down to increasing overall efficiency in the yard and at dock. Trucks need to get in and out of facilities as quickly as possible. And industry experts all agree about the importance of doing a much better job of keeping goods flowing and trucks moving.

The ultimate goal for any warehouse or DC is a smooth and seamless traffic flow with trucks limiting their waiting and turnaround times to an absolute minimum.

While tight shipping industry capacity and the ongoing shortage of drivers are fueling the need for increased efficiency, 4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock is the ideal solution.

At 4SIGHT, we fully grasp that the warehouse industry realizes the importance of technology and how it can be applied to understanding where equipment is at all times in the yard and at the dock.

For example, by using technology to pre-stage docks, a more efficient dock operation will ensure that trucks move in and out faster without any negative impact on drivers’ hours-of-service (HOS) limits.

Due to stricter HOS limitations and government-mandated electronic logging devices (ELDs), the warehouse industry – like it or not – is fast realizing that it will have to step outside of its four walls into a realm that it hasn’t paid much attention to before.

Warehouses and DCs are implementing a host of technology that helps with asset management, including WMS, robotics and other forms of automation to name a few. However, there hasn’t been the same level of movement on the yard side due to the lack of consistent players to help facilitate that kind of required.

Backed by a long history of innovation

4SIGHT Logistics Solution began 10 years ago based on the culmination of more than 60 years of Kelley and Serco brand loading dock equipment experience and innovation designed to improve dock safety and operational efficiency for warehouses, DCs, manufacturers, and retailers.

4SIGHT Connect, in turn, was developed by leveraging that experience into an operationally-based approach to assist facilities in optimizing their yard, loading dock, and warehouse logistics through real-time, automatic visibility and productivity . 4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock is designed to transform and convert facilities into smart warehouses — the workplace of the future.

During the past couple of years, we realized some important lessons that we learned from our current products in the dock and yard spaces. We examined how we can increase their value not only for facility operations but also for truckers while ensuring that the technology is easy to use.

For example, if facility personnel or a truck driver enters incorrect data into a software program, then that data will populate throughout the software’s entire ecosystem. In essence, data entry has a ripple effect that can touch a lot of other systems and components. The digitalization of the supply chain is truly at the mercy of all of the data that goes into it.

Fluid and shareable access of data is critical

Not only is having access to data important for continuity, but it’s also important for integration with other systems, such as a WMS, a facility using a yard component unrelated to 4SIGHT or an entirely different dock system that needs to consume that data.

The heart of 4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock itself is either a Kelley or Serco brand Digital Master Control Panel which serves as the dock data collection point for equipment status and operation.

Featuring an intuitive touch screen, the stand-alone Digital Master Control Panel not only provides personnel with dock equipment data but when paired with a 4SIGHT Connect system and connected to the 4SIGHT Connect edge device, each control panel continuously beams dock equipment status and operations data directly to a 4SIGHT Connect Dashboard which can be conveniently viewed on any connected mobile device or computer with Internet access.

Overall, the capability to fully integrate with a facility’s internal systems, no matter where they originated, will result in achieving true operational optimization.

You can learn more here about 4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock and how it will grant full control over your entire dock operation via remote monitoring while helping to increase both efficiency and safety.

4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock is designed to transform and convert facilities into smart warehouse.