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Tired of losing track of trailers?

A yard is a dynamic environment that requires tremendous oversight and review of trailer movements and other time-sensitive tasks. 4SIGHT™ Yard Management is a logistics software solution utilizing the latest RFID and GPS technology to provide accurate, real-time locating system (RTLS) information so you can increase visibility, productivity and sustainability from the time a trailers enters your yard until the time it leaves.

Valuable features help automate your workflow processes:

Carrier Management

Schedule appointments and send automatic notifications to carriers when a specific trailer is ready for pick up.

Gate Management

Effectively and efficiently process inbound and outbound trailers with RFID technology and other time-saving solutions.

Dock Door Scheduling

Track and facilitate priority movement of equipment to shipping or receiving doors based on warehouse requirements and loading/unloading schedules.

Yard Truck Management

Create automated, system-directed, prioritized tasks for yard drivers based on your site’s operational needs.

Yard Visibility

Receive real-time representation of your yard and yard equipment via easy-to-understand visual interfaces, including automatic movement updates.

Management Reports

Create specific user screens for various roles, and produce meaningful carrier management, yard driver productivity and yard activity reports.

Here’s the impact you can expect to see from our 3PL logistics software:






Using RFID and GPS technology, our 3PL logistics software system puts information on everything going on in your yard at your fingertips.

  • Know where a trailer is, how long it’s been there, what’s on it and where it needs to go with accurate trailer information provided by our RTLS.
  • With visibility and monitoring capabilities across multiple yards, ensure no loads are left as a result of an overflow lot.
  • Make sure drivers are where they need to be when they need to be there with carrier performance monitoring.
  • Create tailored, meaningful reports to track and analyze yard movements to spot inefficiencies.
  • Increase efficiency with timely scheduled trailer movements.

With 4SIGHT’s Yard Management software, you can prioritize yard tasks and movement for optimal efficiency based on load status, arrival times and dock position availability to keep traffic flowing.

  • Reduce detention charges by optimizing dock positions and ensuring your drivers are available when their dock position is ready.
  • Reduce yard check time by over 90% with RTLS information about trailer loads.
  • Reduce check-in time at the gate up to 50% per trailer.
  • Reduce labor hours normally used for tasks such as manually scheduling trailer appointments, checking trailers in and out at the gate, locating live drivers, and more.
  • Increase the number of trailers moved per yard truck, effectively lowering truck asset costs.
  • Decrease the time to locate trailers and increase hooks per hour (HPH) up to 35%.
  • Decrease turn time per trailer at the dock door.

4SIGHT’s logistics management software lets you see and correct the inefficiencies in your operation with an almost unlimited combination of available metrics and reports, making the most of your workforce and facility.

  • Monitor gate performance with carrier arrival and departure data to prioritize tasks and optimize efficiency.
  • Monitor trailer status, storage dwell time and inventory to maximize trailer and tangible assets.
  • Lower staff requirements.
  • Decrease yard truck assets up to 30%.
  • Reduce excess pool trailers up to 10%.
  • Reduce yard truck fuel usage up to 10%.

4SIGHT’s gate control features improve yard security, giving you an unprecedented level of visibility into gate activity.

  • Improve the audited date/time stamps for trailer access and control.
  • Increase security at the dock, guard gate and parking lot.
  • Securely record details about every shipment, including truck, trailer and seal numbers.
  • Verify eligibility of shipping documents.
  • Screen and scan licenses for drivers.
  • Watch for specific individuals with an enhanced watch list that allows you to deny access — or enhance customer service for VIPs.
  • Produce badges for drivers, visitors and contractors.
  • Comply with the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program.

The 4SIGHT Yard Management system is platform-independent and hardware-agnostic, which means that our logistics software works with a wide range of technology types and vendors. Learn more about our technology and its IT requirements.

  • Works with active and passive RFID, barcode, GPS, sensor technology and more to provide RTLS.
    • Handles all of them simultaneously to optimize solutions and protect existing and future investments.
  • Use either a licensed or hosted software option with our 100% browser-based UI.
  • Provides intuitive configuration and integrates easily with existing enterprise applications to enable data aggregation, end-to-end synchronization and business process management.
  • Get user configurable alerts, charts and operational reports from our application dashboard to assist in managing the yard.

Yard & Dock ROI Calculator

Evaluate how quickly you’ll save by using 4SIGHT:

4SIGHT’s advanced software can solve logistical challenges while improving productivity and profitability. Use our calculator to see how fast you can expect to see an ROI with 4SIGHT.

See how 4SIGHT has made a big impact on our customers’ operations:

Major Meat Producer

Automating processes led to an increase from 4.5 HPH to 6.5 HPH and a reduction in yard tractors needed from 8 to 6.

Reduction in yard inventory

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Major Warehouse Retailer

RFID gate processing reduced trailer check-in/check-out time up to 5 minutes per trailer.

Saved per trailer (while processing 250+ trailers daily)

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