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At 4SIGHT™, we see great benefit in streamlining your tracking throughout the process, from inventory management inside the warehouse right through the loading dock onto a truck and out the gate. This is why we created 4SIGHT Asset Track. This inventory management software helps you track high-value inventory (such as work-in-progress inventory and manufacturing equipment) and returnable transport items (such as reusable totes, pallets, racks, kegs, tanks and drums) using RFID asset tracking and other auto-ID technologies, including barcodes and GPS.

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Asset Track can help you reduce labor and losses:

Real-Time Monitoring

Know your assets’ movements and status at all times so you can make immediate decisions.

Alert Notification

The warehouse management system can automatically notify you about deviations from expected asset location or condition and other user-defined events.

Data Aggregation

4SIGHT captures and saves historical data for more than 40 different attributes that you can tap into so you can identify and eliminate problems in your operations.

Human Error Elimination

Our 100% automatic tracking means there’s no room for human error, simplifying processes and reducing labor as well.

Flexible Integration

Our warehouse management software integrates seamlessly with our Yard and Dock Management software, and it can interface nicely with your order management and other systems.

Inventory Management

Reduce asset losses and optimize your asset utilization with automated inventory processes.

See how you can gain tremendous value from RFID asset tracking:






Know where your assets are in real time and have all the data needed for a comprehensive audit trail, important for reviewing asset history and remaining in compliance with regulatory groups and customer requirements.

  • Integrate with Google maps to show current location and historical movement of assets.
  • Automate the shipping and returns processing — and proactively schedule returns.
  • Receive automatic alerts of unauthorized asset activity, when returns are late, or when you’re short of the expected inventory.
  • Receive visibility into customer usage of specified assets.
  • Aggregate data from a variety of sources into a single, organized repository.
  • Automate internal reporting procedures and improve employee accountability.

4SIGHT’s warehouse management solutions can provide greatly increased productivity and cost savings via automated processes and streamlined workflow.

  • Reduce labor expenses that were spent on manually scanning barcodes.
  • Reduce inventory time by 50%-90% and maintain more accurate inventories.
  • Reduce incorrectly shipped or lost assets and reduce labor to find lost assets by up to 90%.
  • Optimize asset utilization, and increase returnable asset usage by up to 90%.
  • Speed up the process with automated shipping documents.
  • Eliminate human error with 100% automated auto-ID technology, including RFID asset tracking.

With our warehouse management software, you can easily optimize your asset utilization for longer lifespans and cost savings.

  • Improve asset cycle time — a one-day reduction can save hundreds of thousands yearly.
  • Better manage asset lifecycle from asset purchase to end-of-life decommissioning.
  • Improve maintenance processes.
  • Improve the capital expenditure process.

4SIGHT’s improved visibility means you reduce potential losses of high-value items. And keeping items secure means you keep your customers happier.

  • Increase regulatory compliance and reporting with the data captured by our inventory management software.
  • Ensure you comply with various customer requirements.
  • Subscribe to predefined alerts with the Alert Manager Service so you can take immediate action when there’s a deviation in where an asset is from what’s expected.

4SIGHT warehouse management software is hardware-agnostic, so it can work with multiple technologies and keep up with technological changes in the future, giving you plenty of flexibility. Learn more about our technology and its IT requirements.

  • Use both computer and mobile devices.
  • Deploy multiple technologies separately or simultaneously — 4SIGHT can use any type of auto-ID technology, such as barcodes, GPS, sensors, passive or active RFID, and Wi-Fi RFID asset tracking.
  • Manage your assets in a highly distributed environment and multiple locations with our 100% browser-based software.
  • Integrate 4SIGHT with existing applications.

See how 4SIGHT Asset Track has made a big impact on our customers’ operations:

Major Warehouse Retailer

Using RFID tags to track correct pallet loading, instead of drivers getting on and off their fork trucks to barcode scan every pallet, proved to save time and labor and reduced loading errors.

Saved per trailer load (while processing 150+ trailers daily)

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RFID tracking of the beer kegs reduced keg loss by 50%, creating savings of $260,000 annually.

Annually by improving keg turnarounds

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