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4SIGHT™ is unlike any product available on the market today — it combines the loading dock, the yard and the warehouse into one comprehensive unit, providing managers with visibility, reporting metrics and productivity tools to increase efficiency and profitability. However, our module-based system also makes it easy for you to choose just the logistics solutions you need to solve your operation’s particular challenges.

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What Makes 4SIGHT a Leader?

Our Market Comparison


Is Easy to Use

Our intuitive graphical user interfaces make the system simple to train new users on.

Is Operationally Focused

We start by reviewing your business operations and focus on using technology to support process efficiencies.

Is Modular

You can take advantage of only the solution – or solutions – you need, and you can incorporate additional solutions seamlessly in the future as your needs change.

Knows Your Operation

Our company has been manufacturing loading dock and door equipment for over 60 years. Our 4SIGHT team brings years of experience in and around the logistics supply chain.

Provides a Total Solution

We provide all the services, software and hardware to gain you the greatest operational efficiencies and make your project a complete success.

From Start to Finish,

Full Professional Services

4SIGHT™ provides three categories of professional services so you receive a turnkey solution:

Programming Services

Hardware Installation

Implementation Services

These services include:

  • Business Analysis: Captures the functional requirements and design of the software enhancements.
  • Program Development: Generates code for software enhancements.
  • Data Interface: Designs and develops required data sets to interact with existing necessary systems (WMS, TMS).
  • QA Testing: Ensures the software enhancements work as designed and in conjunction with the rest of the application.
  • Documentation: Updates application documentation such as User Guides, Training Guides and Administrative Guides.

Hardware Installation provides the support required to perform installation and configuration of the equipment at each location.


These services include:

  • Project Management: Manages the project and provides status updates to all parties associated with the project.
  • Solution Architecture: Designs detailed solution architecture associated with the overall solution. The solution architect performs engineering studies at the sites and ensures the configuration of the solution is properly done.
  • Implementation Engineering: Provides detailed support to set up and configure the application to support your facility’s requirements.
  • Training Services: Provides the user and administrative training required to support the implementation.
  • Go-Live Support: Provides the necessary on-site and off-site support.


[WHITE PAPER] Increase Efficiency and Visibility to Improve Your Entire Dock Operation

In this white paper we examine the most nagging problems and challenges affecting today’s dock operations and how to solve them with digital tools.

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Experience 4SIGHT Logistics Solution in Person

We’d love to hear more about your facility’s needs and show you 4SIGHT in action.

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