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Case Studies

Need proof that 4SIGHT can make a big impact on your operations? Check out these success stories from our happy customers:

Yard Management

receiving doors optimized

4SIGHT™ Integrated with Serco® Dock Equipment to Improve Productivity and Increase Safety

Nebraska Furniture Mart - Texas integrated 4SIGHT™ Logistics Solution with Serco® Vertical Storing Dock Levelers, trailer restraints and other vital equipment and a security system to manage activity at 24 Nebraska Furniture Mart-Texas distribution center receiving doors. READ MORE >


Nebraska Furniture Mart-Texas Stays Lean Yet Productive with 4SIGHT™

Nebraska Furniture Mart-Texas looked to 4SIGHT Solution to provide yard drivers and dock personnel with a powerful and self-sustaining, yet easy-to-understand and use management tool to ensure highly efficient and productive distribution center (DC) receiving activity. READ MORE >

inbound trailers & trucks per day

Nebraska Furniture Mart-Texas Gets Highly Efficient Yard, Dock & Gate Operations

Nebraska Furniture Mart-Texas challenged us to vastly improve their traditional approach to managing receiving activity from the gate to the dock. READ MORE >

5 mins
saved per trailer

Warehouse Retailer Cuts Gate Processing Time

RFID gate processing reduced trailer check-in/check-out time up to 5 minutes per trailer. READ MORE >

increase in yard moves

Yard Move Automation Benefits Meat Producer

Automating processes led to an increase from 4.5 HPH to 6.5 HPH and a reduction in yard tractors needed from 8 to 6. READ MORE >

Dock Management

customers processed per day

Accurate and Fast Customer Product Pick-Ups

Nebraska Furniture Mart-Texas utilizes 4SIGHT™ Logistics Solution, combined with sophisticated and comprehensive color CCTV camera analytics, to efficiently and quickly track and process an extremely high volume of traffic in their customer-facing pick-up area. READ MORE >

receiving doors optimized

4SIGHT™ Integrated with Serco® Dock Equipment to Improve Productivity and Increase Safety

Nebraska Furniture Mart - Texas integrated 4SIGHT™ Logistics Solution with Serco® Vertical Storing Dock Levelers, trailer restraints and other vital equipment and a security system to manage activity at 24 Nebraska Furniture Mart-Texas distribution center receiving doors. READ MORE >

Environmental Door Management

60 secs
for open freezer door alert

Meat Producer Gains Control Over Freezer Blast Cell Doors

4SIGHT gave the customer the visibility and tools to better manage their freezer doors, eliminating costly problems caused by open doors. READ MORE >

Saves money
year after year

Security Alerts Put Big-Box Retailer in Compliance

4SIGHT allowed our customer to stay in compliance with food safety audits without adding extra hardware. READ MORE >

Pharmaceutical Door Management

Regulatory costs

Drug Manufacturer Avoids Expensive New Air System

4SIGHT helped improve airflow areas so much that the customer was able to avoid buying new air handling equipment and could declassify certain areas, which saved regulatory and gowning costs. READ MORE >

Airlock areas
remotely controlled

Drug Manufacturer Prevents Costly Door Maintenance

4SIGHT helped the customer easily identify false door issues, reducing expensive maintenance costs and reducing lost production time. READ MORE >

HVLS Fan System

industrial HVLS fans evenly distributing cooler air

Air Effectively Circulated Throughout 1.3 Million Square Foot Distribution Center

Nebraska Furniture Mart-Texas relies on 98 Entrematic industrial HVLS (high volume low speed) fans—operated and managed via an iFAN® HVLS Fan Control—strategically positioned throughout its distribution center's various work zones and driving aisles (autobahns). READ MORE >

Cooler cows
produce more milk

Dairy Farm Creates Optimal Conditions for Milk Production

iFAN optimized airflow for both human and animal comfort, and can automatically account for dangerous weather conditions. READ MORE >

What If ...

$500,000 in paint were destroyed because of a “lost” trailer?

Find out what happened when a cold snap froze the paint on a trailer missing for 2 days in the yard and how 4SIGHT Yard Management could have averted this real-life disaster.

Get the Whole Story

$250,000 in frozen food went bad because of one simple mistake?

Find out what happened when an improperly scanned reefer load was left thawing overnight and how 4SIGHT Dock Management could have averted this real-life disaster.

Read the Whole Story

Open doors caused dangerous icing?

Find out what happened when a freezer dock door at a meatpacking warehouse was left slightly open and how 4SIGHT Environmental Door Management could have averted this real-life disaster.

Get the Whole Story

A batch of pharmaceuticals had to be quarantined?

Find out what happened when a pressure reversal led to quarantined production and how 4SIGHT Pharmaceutical Door Management could have averted this real-life disaster.

Get the Whole Story

A pallet of fertilizer were erroneously shipped to a competing retailer?

Find out what happened when the customer complained about poor service and quality control and how 4SIGHT Asset Track could have averted this real-life disaster.

Get the Whole Story

Employees changed fan settings at will?

Find out what happened when workers in a food warehouse constantly changed HVLS fan settings and how the 4SIGHT iFAN System could have averted this real-life disaster.

Get the Whole Story

Videos & Webinars

What Is 4SIGHT?

What Is 4SIGHT?

In our introductory video, 4SIGHT System Manager, Eric Breen explains what 4SIGHT Yard and Dock Management is and gives a brief history of this advanced software system.

What Are the Available 4SIGHT Modules?

What Are the Available 4SIGHT Modules?

Viewers are introduced to the five 4SIGHT modules or configurations per customer needs. Dock, Yard (including gate), Door, Asset Track and Building Management

How Is 4SIGHT Different From a WMS?

How Is 4SIGHT Different From a WMS?

Watch to discover why 4SIGHT's primary goal is to automate and greatly improve upon older methods. Regardless of which module you choose with 4SIGHT, the process will be automated.

What Does 4SIGHT Cost?

What Does 4SIGHT Cost?

What factors come into play where price is considered? What is 4SIGHT's ROI and how long until it is realized?

What Are the Main Benefits of 4SIGHT?

What Are the Main Benefits of 4SIGHT?

Learn about the benefits of each of the five modules, Dock, Yard, Door, Asset Track and Building Management. Benefits range from increased visibility to impressive energy-savings and much more.

Who Uses 4SIGHT?

Who Uses 4SIGHT?

Join us as we dig a little deeper into the ability and specific benefits of the 4SIGHT system. Watch to find out how to use 4SIGHT to conquer the challenges that are facing your business. Discover how this advanced software system can make your small, medium, or large business more effective. Better identify resources or future strategies depending on your ability and needs.

What Are the Trends Affecting Yard and Dock Systems?

What Are the Trends Affecting Yard and Dock Systems?

Watch as we discuss current demands such as time cycles, tracking and increased visibility. Find out how 4SIGHT can connect the gate to the dock through automation and efficiency.

What Makes the 4SIGHT Dock Module Work?

What Makes the 4SIGHT Dock Module Work?

In this clip, 4SIGHT Controls Director, Brett Walford, discusses what makes 4SIGHT Dock work and how we incorporate PLC and communication cards inside the dock equipment control panels to communicate real-time data back to the central interface.

Adding a 4SIGHT Communication Network

Adding a 4SIGHT Communication Network

Learn what to expect when installing a communication network for4SIGHT Dock for customers who already have dock equipment installed but need a communication network put in place to tie that equipment back to 4SIGHT Dock.

Why Do I Need 4SIGHT?

Why Do I Need 4SIGHT?

Video ten in our FAQ video series, touches on top considerations such as dwell time or dock utilization, explaining how 4SIGHT Dock fills in these missing pieces by giving you data to uncover the entire time a trailer is at a dock. Saving you on detention charges and increasing your dock productivity.

How Does 4SIGHT Dock Accurately Track Trailer Activity?

How Does 4SIGHT Dock Accurately Track Trailer Activity?

Watch an explanation of the various types of sensors that 4SIGHT Dock uses to increase trailer visibility and optimize your yard.

Is Your Operation Too Small for a 4SIGHT Dock Management System?

Is Your Operation Too Small for a 4SIGHT Dock Management System?

This video identifies why the need should be the main driver affecting your purchase decision. Eric explains a number of scenarios where an advanced software system like 4SIGHT Dock is not only an effective decision but also boasts a high ROI.

How Much Does 4SIGHT Dock Management Cost?

How Much Does 4SIGHT Dock Management Cost?

Learn what factors impact the cost of 4SIGHT Dock for a variety of customers with a variety of challenges. You also learn how the 4SIGHT Dock ROI is calculated.

What Is the Main Benefit of 4SIGHT Dock?

What Is the Main Benefit of 4SIGHT Dock?

Have you ever wanted to know how to communicate better with your trailers? In this video, Eric explains how 4SIGHT Dock eliminates all manual methods to increase loading dock productivity and make it more efficient.

What Are the Other Benefits of 4SIGHT Dock?

What Are the Other Benefits of 4SIGHT Dock?

More 4SIGHT Dock benefits are discussed with an emphasis on security. Learn how using 4SIGHT means you can monitor trailers utilzing real-time data to increase visibility, control, safety and more.

In the News

July 10

4SIGHT White Paper Addresses ROI Potential For Integrated Yard and Dock Management Systems

The latest 4SIGHT white paper explains how integrated yard and dock management systems will help warehouses, manufacturers, retailers and distribution… READ MORE >

March 19

4SIGHT showcases yard and dock visibility solution

4SIGHT yard and dock management solution is gaining interest among companies that have advanced, Tier 1 warehouse management system (WMS)… READ MORE >

January 11

Yard and Dock Management Tools: An Extra Set of Eyes in Your Facility

Designed to eliminate common and costly logistics problems, yard and dock management systems use real-time and physical data to help… READ MORE >

December 9

Yard Dock Management Systems Play Important Role in Food Product Freshness

One of the best ways facilities can prevent food-related contamination is to limit the amount of time products spend in… READ MORE >

August 10

4SIGHT Helps Retailer Realize $7M Productivity Savings

4Sight helped one of the most efficient retailers shave hours off their depot operations and over $7 million in labor costs. READ MORE >


[WHITE PAPER] Eliminate Unnecessary Delays from Your Gate to the Dock

From the gate to the dock, inefficiency in warehouse and distribution center operations is an all too common problem. Carriers and their truck drivers will simply avoid facilities that have a reputation for excessive delays. Fortunately, there’s a solution that will shorten the amount of time that a driver will spend at your facility. In this white paper, you’ll gain a better understanding of how transportation and operational delays affect the relationship between you, your carriers and drivers.

[CASE STUDY] 4SIGHT™ Ensures Customer Product Pick-Ups are Accurate and Fast at Nebraska Furniture Mart-Texas

Nearly a fourth of all Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM)-Texas customers prefer to take home the products they purchase in the store. Find out how they utilize the 4SIGHT™ Logistics Solution, combined with sophisticated and comprehensive color CCTV camera analytics, to efficiently and quickly track and process an extremely high volume of traffic (up to 2,000 customers a day in 12 lanes) in their customer-facing pick-up area.

[WHITE PAPER] 5 Critical Steps to Ensure Executive Buy-In for Your Yard Management System (YMS)

Perhaps you’ve known for some time that something just isn’t right with your yard operation. Realizing you need to make a change with a best-in-class yard management system (YMS) is one thing. But making the case to senior executives and other key decision makers to obtain their approval can be challenging if you’re not properly prepared. This white paper provides five critical steps you can take to ensure you’re properly prepared to reach your goal of obtaining executive buy-in for your YMS solution.

[CASE STUDY] Entrematic HVLS Industrial Fans Circulate Air That’s Exchanged Hourly Throughout 1.3 Million Square Foot Distribution Center

Discover how Nebraska Furniture Mart-Texas depends on 98 Entrematic industrial HVLS (high volume low speed) fans to keep employees comfortable while maintaining a high level of air quality throughout 1.3 million square feet of warehouse and distribution center space.

[CASE STUDY] 4SIGHT™ Software: The Powerful Intelligence Behind a Lean, Productive Distribution Center Dock and Yard

Find out how Nebraska Furniture Mart-Texas is using system-directed yard and dock management to easily handle 65 inbound trailers and trucks per day through 24 receiving dock doors while requiring only 2-1/2 full-time equivalent yard truck drivers.

[CASE STUDY] 4SIGHT™ Solution Integrated with Serco® Dock Equipment at Receiving Dock Doors to Improve Productivity and Increase Safety

Nebraska Furniture Mart-Texas is experiencing the highest level of trailer unloading productivity and efficiency among the company's four distribution centers, including unprecedented safety measures for its warehouse and distribution center employees.

[CASE STUDY] Integrated 4SIGHT™ System at Nebraska Furniture Mart–Texas Ensures Highly Efficient Yard, Dock & Gate Operations (and more)

Learn how 4SIGHT Logistics Solution for yard management and dock management – combined with the decades-long expertise of Serco loading dock products – resulted in an integrated, system-directed approach for Nebraska Furniture Mart-Texas.

[WHITE PAPER] 7 Critical Questions Every Facility Manager Must Explore Before Investing in a Yard Management System

Choosing the correct integrated YMS may very well be one of the most important decisions that you’ll make during your career. And, as a result, the right yard management system investment will certainly yield numerous short- and long-term benefits to your warehouse operation. Read this white paper to get clear answers before you make your final decision to invest in an integrated YMS.

[WHITE PAPER] Choosing the Best Yard Management System

Choosing the right YMS for your facility can be confusing if you’re not sure how best to evaluate the myriad platforms on the market. Read this white paper to learn how to select the best YMS based on its capabilities in carrier management, gate management, dock door scheduling, yard truck management, yard visibility, and management reporting.

[SLIDE PRESENTATION] 4SIGHT Vision to Optimize Loading Dock and Warehouse Logistics

Are you facing the same pressures as most warehouse executives today? Find out how 4SIGHT responds to these challenges in this slide presentation.


We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions about 4SIGHT in general and each individual 4SIGHT solution below for your convenience. If you can’t find an answer here, we have a team of 4SIGHT specialists ready to help – just Contact Us.


What is 4SIGHT?

4SIGHT is an advanced software solution to the common logistics and supply chain challenges in most operations; from the guard gate, through the yard and to the dock door.  All the 4SIGHT modules give you real-time visibility and the productivity tools to make your operation more efficient.

How is 4SIGHT different from other logistics systems (WMS, TMS, etc.)?

The data 4SIGHT collects is often not found in any other system.  With our expertise at the loading dock, we can capture unique and valuable data not found in any other system.  More importantly, we capture important data automatically.  4SIGHT also connects all the working systems (TMS, YMS, Scheduling, WMS, Load and Resource Planning, etc.) to make processing trailers and loads as efficient as possible.

Which 4SIGHT module is right for my operation?

4SIGHT is module based; pick the module(s) that solves your biggest challenges.

  • Yard – automatically manage the “longest dwell” area – the trailer parking lot. Efficiently manage your gate, your drop trailer and your live drivers.
  • Dock – schedule, manage and control your loading dock area.
  • Door – monitor and control ALL facility doors (perimeter, food safety, energy saving, pharmaceutical clean rooms and interlocks)
  • iFAN – remotely control your HVLS fans and ancillary air handling equipment.
  • Asset Track – automatically track high value assets, particularly as they travel on and off your trailers.

How much does 4SIGHT cost?

Obviously, the initial investment will depend on which module benefits your operation the most, the size of your facility and any specific enhancements. Our systems are turn-key and can be purchased outright, or on a monthly SaaS basis.   You only pay for the modules and enhancements, nothing more. In addition we use off the shelf hardware for our projects to keep your hardware costs down.

What is the payback on 4SIGHT?

ROI depends on the implemented module, but 12 – 16 months is average; however, some users have seen ROI as quick as 6 – 9 months.

How long has 4SIGHT been available? 

We introduced 4SIGHT in 1996.  In recent years, technology has advanced substantially to allow us to expand the functionality of 4SIGHT.

Who else has installed 4SIGHT?

Please contact us for a current customer list.

Can we visit a customer locally that has 4SIGHT installed?

Given the competitive edge 4SIGHT has given some companies, they have been reluctant to show their confidential operations to others.  If you’re serious about 4SIGHT, call us to see if a site visit can be arranged.  Better yet, we can arrange a live demo at your facility.

Yard Management

We already have a YMS

That’s great! However, 4SIGHT can solve your biggest YMS problem, accurate trailer location in your yard. And we do it automatically.  Also, most YMS cannot effectively manage your LIVE drivers; 4SIGHT can.

How does 4SIGHT Yard accurately track trailer locations in my yard? 

We use live and static GPS locationing combined with passive RFID technology.  Our proprietary algorithms will accurately calculate your trailer locations.

How is 4SIGHT Yard different from traditional RTLS and other available technologies? 

By using passive RFID tags and standard GPS technology, the cost of a 4SIGHT system can be 1/3 or less of a traditional RTLS.

Is 4SIGHT Yard for smaller operations?

If you are not big enough to justify an elaborate YMS, but still want to improve trailer visibility, we offer 4SIGHT Yard Lite which provides some of the most important functionality a smaller yard needs to improve visibility and efficiency.

We don’t have a guard shack to receive trailers or to associate RFID tags to trailers.  How does 4SIGHT Yard work for our situation?

We offer an advanced Driver Self Check-In Kiosk system.  It’s solves this challenge, and frees up your shipping office personnel for more important tasks.

Can 4SIGHT Yard help us schedule our trailers?

Yes, we have a scheduling application within Yard that Auto-Plans your trailers to the right dock door at the right time, automatically.  We also offer vendor/customer self-scheduling so you can free up your staff time.

What is the payback on 4SIGHT Yard?

If your yard system uses whiteboards, radios and excel spreadsheets, you can expect a very fast ROI with 4SIGHT; less than 12 months.  If you just want to enhance your current YMS with 4SIGHT automatic trailer location, your ROI will still be under 18 months.

What are the main benefits of 4SIGHT Yard?

  • Reduce yard tractor resources up to 35%
  • Reduce fuel consumption up to 10%
  • Eliminate 95% of all trailer inventory tracking
  • Safety – pull the right trailer from the right door every time

Dock Management

What hardware is used with a 4SIGHT Dock implementation?

Actually, if you have Kelley or Serco powered dock equipment, you probably already have 75% of the hardware needed for a full 4SIGHT Dock implementation. If you have other brands of dock equipment, not a problem.  We just have to add a little data collection hardware and you’re ready to go.

We already manage our dock with our WMS. Why do we need 4SIGHT Dock?

4SIGHT can supplement your WMS with integration of key, missing data into your WMS system making your whole operation more efficient.  WMS can only track barcode/RFID scan generated data. 4SIGHT Dock gathers the missing tracking/time stamp data automatically.

Can 4SIGHT Dock help smaller operations?

If you feel you are not big enough to justify an elaborate Dock Management system, but still want to improve dock door visibility, we offer 4SIGHT Dock Lite which can give you a lot of new visibility without a large investment.

What is the payback on 4SIGHT Dock? 

9 – 16 months.  The more traffic and the more dock doors you have, the faster the payback.

What type of operation benefits the most from 4SIGHT Dock? 

If you have a lot of live loading at your dock, 4SIGHT Dock can significantly improve your dock utilization.  Also, dock equipment monitoring and control features in 4SIGHT Dock are powerful for larger operations.

What are the main benefits of 4SIGHT Dock?

  • Increased Productivity: Particularly with live loads, busy warehouses that need to see their dock activity in real-time.
  • Increase Safety: Monitor and remotely control the dock equipment, mainly the trailer restraints.
  • Proactive Dock Equipment Maintenance:  Lower service and maintenance costs by monitoring and scheduling maintenance based on actual dock equipment use.  Also, makes your dock equipment last longer.
  • Security: Confirmation that every loading dock and interior door is 100% closed. Utilize employee authorization at every dock door for dock equipment usage.  Virtual Door and Trailer Lock-Down (specific or all dock doors and trailers).  Integrate CCTV Cameras for Remote Monitoring.

Environmental Door Management

Why do I need 4SIGHT on my dock doors?

By making sure dock doors are kept closed, 4SIGHT will help keep the conditioned air inside the building, which is ideal for a cold storage warehouse.  4SIGHT will also help keep the elements outside the facility, which can be critical for perishables and other sensitive products.

Can 4SIGHT monitor any of my perimeter doors, not just my dock doors?

Yes, we can use existing sensors, or add sensors to basically any perimeter door that you have in the facility.  A propped open man door in a freezer can lose a lot of energy!

How important is additional door monitoring when I already have a security system in place? 

Security systems only work when they’re turned on, and this is usually after everyone is gone for the day.  4SIGHT monitors your doors 100% of the time, so you can use the data to better manage your cooled or heated spaces throughout the day, particularly when people are there!

I have manual doors, can you monitor these doors with 4SIGHT?

Yes, we can add off-the-shelf optical sensors to basically any door.  Along with a simple communication network, these added sensors give 4SIGHT the data needed to help you manage all these door openings.

Can you monitor interior doors, for example, rapid roll or bi-folding freezer doors?

Yes, we can monitor any door no matter where it’s found in your building.  Often these interior doors are more advanced than a simple sectional dock door, so there’s a lot more usable and beneficial data for your organization.

Can you also remotely CONTROL my dock doors?

Yes, if the door is a powered door.  We also need to make sure all the door safety features are in place before you can start opening and closing doors remotely, or from a fork truck.

Pharmaceutical Door Management

What is unique about 4SIGHT for Pharmaceutical facilities?

4SIGHT’s advanced door system not only controls critical door interlocks within the facility’s most sensitive areas, it can also monitor and control all the doors remotely.

I already have an interlock system for my interior doors, why do I need 4SIGHT?

Most door interlock systems are hard-coded to a functional specification.  In today’s fast moving manufacturing environment, making changes, or tweaking the door interlocks to make them the most efficient can be time consuming and expensive.  4SIGHT allows dynamic interlock changes from any networked computer by authorized personnel.  You can program a temporary interlock scheme (e.g. construction or cleaning) and revert back to production mode with a mouse click.

Can 4SIGHT monitor and control ALL the doors in my facility?

Yes, we understand every type of door out there.  Swing, bi-parting, slide, rapid roll, man doors, powered, manual, etc. etc. We can monitor them all and in most cases we can remotely control them as well.

I only have a few doors that need to be interlocked, is 4SIGHT right for our facility?

If you need a dynamic door interlock system, then yes, 4SIGHT is right for your facility.  If you know you’ll never change the interlock scheme in a certain area or require dynamic, remote control to the doors in the area, we can implement a more simplistic version of 4SIGHT to get the job done at a lower cost.

Is your 4SIGHT system required to be validated for use in my facility?

Traditionally, 4SIGHT is viewed as part of the doors or the building itself, not the production process, so it has not needed validation in the past.  We also don’t run the 4SIGHT application on the production server (which is validated).  If you have the requirement to have 4SIGHT validated in order to control your doors, we can certainly get the 4SIGHT validated through our experienced validation partners.

How can 4SIGHT increase our production?

When a pressure reversal/cascade occurs, all suspects need to be investigated.  These events are commonly caused by doors being opened either at the wrong time, or the overall design of the air-handling system could have a deficiency in which the doors may play a big part.  With 4SIGHT, all doors are being monitored in real-time and historically.  When an event occurs, 4SIGHT door data can quickly be reviewed to insure if the doors themselves were a part of the event.  This data can be trended over time and any door or system deficiencies can be better understood as how they relate to the facility.  Less pressure events = more production.

iFan System

Why do I need iFAN when each fan has its own controller?

If you only have a few fans, you’re right, you don’t need iFAN.  However, as soon as you have to walk long distances, or you have to turn on/off numerous fans in your warehouse, iFAN makes more sense.  From one computer, you can control all your facility fans with iFAN.

Why do I need iFAN if I have a BMS running in my warehouse?

If you have a robust BMS, then we can support your BMS programmers so they can add our HVLS fans to that system.  However, BMS programmers are an extra expense, often more than our standard iFAN system.  Another reason to run iFAN instead of the BMS is access to fans in specific areas at certain times of the day.  For example, sometimes the dock area needs a little more air, and building maintenance staff isn’t readily available to make changes (e.g. third shift). A dock supervisor can quickly increase the fan speed on iFAN, versus having to contact building maintenance.

Can iFAN control my other air handling equipment?

Yes, if you have exhaust fans or louvers, iFAN can operate this equipment in concert with the HVLS fans.  In the end, air handling needs to be controlled as a complete system.  Ideally, you would exhaust the hot air and bring in cool air at night, and then close the louvers and use the HVLS fans to circulate the cool air during the day.

How many fans can I run at one time on iFAN?

Our base system can handle up to 30 fans.  If you have more than 30 fans in one facility, or you’d like to operate multiple facilities from one system, we can implement our enterprise version of iFAN.

How dynamic is iFAN? 

With iFAN you can set the fan parameters and forget it.  You can schedule highly detailed fan run schemes based on time, temperature, location, zones, individual fans, etc. Or you can make on the fly changes as the operation needs.

Does iFAN have an automatic kill feature for fire alarms?

Yes, but you don’t need iFAN for this critical feature.  We can supply a fire control panel that allows standard HVLS fans to be daisy chained and interconnected to a building fire control system.

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