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Each 4SIGHT™ module is designed to solve a distinct set of warehouse logistics challenges and can be implemented separately or in combination to best fit your operation’s needs. See how 4SIGHT is unique.

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4SIGHT’s advanced software quickly lets customers find efficiencies, saving many on labor costs, energy costs, maintenance costs and detention charges.

Over 90%

Reduction in yard check time with Yard Management

20% or More

Increase in dock utilization with Dock Management

Up to 35%

Improvement of hooks per hour with Yard Management

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Yard Management Software
Dock Management Software
Door Management Software
HVLS Fan System

Gain Visibility With Real-Time Locating

Yard Management Software

Tired of losing track of trailers?

A yard is a dynamic environment that requires tremendous oversight and review of trailer movements and other time-sensitive tasks. 4SIGHT™ Yard Management is a logistics software solution utilizing the latest RFID and GPS technology to provide accurate, real-time locating system (RTLS) information so you can increase visibility, productivity and sustainability from the time a trailers enters your yard until the time it leaves.

Valuable features help automate your workflow processes:

Carrier Management

Schedule appointments and send automatic notifications to carriers when a specific trailer is ready for pick up.

Gate Management

Effectively and efficiently process inbound and outbound trailers with RFID technology and other time-saving solutions.

Dock Door Scheduling

Track and facilitate priority movement of equipment to shipping or receiving doors based on warehouse requirements and loading/unloading schedules.

Yard Truck Management

Create automated, system-directed, prioritized tasks for yard drivers based on your site’s operational needs.

Yard Visibility

Receive real-time representation of your yard and yard equipment via easy-to-understand visual interfaces, including automatic movement updates.

Management Reports

Create specific user screens for various roles, and produce meaningful carrier management, yard driver productivity and yard activity reports.

Here’s the impact you can expect to see from our 3PL logistics software:






Using RFID and GPS technology, our 3PL logistics software system puts information on everything going on in your yard at your fingertips.

  • Know where a trailer is, how long it’s been there, what’s on it and where it needs to go with accurate trailer information provided by our RTLS.
  • With visibility and monitoring capabilities across multiple yards, ensure no loads are left as a result of an overflow lot.
  • Make sure drivers are where they need to be when they need to be there with carrier performance monitoring.
  • Create tailored, meaningful reports to track and analyze yard movements to spot inefficiencies.
  • Increase efficiency with timely scheduled trailer movements.

With 4SIGHT’s Yard Management software, you can prioritize yard tasks and movement for optimal efficiency based on load status, arrival times and dock position availability to keep traffic flowing.

  • Reduce detention charges by optimizing dock positions and ensuring your drivers are available when their dock position is ready.
  • Reduce yard check time by over 90% with RTLS information about trailer loads.
  • Reduce check-in time at the gate up to 50% per trailer.
  • Reduce labor hours normally used for tasks such as manually scheduling trailer appointments, checking trailers in and out at the gate, locating live drivers, and more.
  • Increase the number of trailers moved per yard truck, effectively lowering truck asset costs.
  • Decrease the time to locate trailers and increase hooks per hour (HPH) up to 35%.
  • Decrease turn time per trailer at the dock door.

4SIGHT’s logistics management software lets you see and correct the inefficiencies in your operation with an almost unlimited combination of available metrics and reports, making the most of your workforce and facility.

  • Monitor gate performance with carrier arrival and departure data to prioritize tasks and optimize efficiency.
  • Monitor trailer status, storage dwell time and inventory to maximize trailer and tangible assets.
  • Lower staff requirements.
  • Decrease yard truck assets up to 30%.
  • Reduce excess pool trailers up to 10%.
  • Reduce yard truck fuel usage up to 10%.

4SIGHT’s gate control features improve yard security, giving you an unprecedented level of visibility into gate activity.

  • Improve the audited date/time stamps for trailer access and control.
  • Increase security at the dock, guard gate and parking lot.
  • Securely record details about every shipment, including truck, trailer and seal numbers.
  • Verify eligibility of shipping documents.
  • Screen and scan licenses for drivers.
  • Watch for specific individuals with an enhanced watch list that allows you to deny access — or enhance customer service for VIPs.
  • Produce badges for drivers, visitors and contractors.
  • Comply with the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program.

The 4SIGHT Yard Management system is platform-independent and hardware-agnostic, which means that our logistics software works with a wide range of technology types and vendors. Learn more about our technology and its IT requirements.

  • Works with active and passive RFID, barcode, GPS, sensor technology and more to provide RTLS.
    • Handles all of them simultaneously to optimize solutions and protect existing and future investments.
  • Use either a licensed or hosted software option with our 100% browser-based UI.
  • Provides intuitive configuration and integrates easily with existing enterprise applications to enable data aggregation, end-to-end synchronization and business process management.
  • Get user configurable alerts, charts and operational reports from our application dashboard to assist in managing the yard.

See how 4SIGHT has made a big impact on our customers’ operations:

Major Meat Producer

Automating processes led to an increase from 4.5 HPH to 6.5 HPH and a reduction in yard tractors needed from 8 to 6.

Reduction in yard inventory

Read Full Case Study

Major Warehouse Retailer

RFID gate processing reduced trailer check-in/check-out time up to 5 minutes per trailer.

Saved per trailer (while processing 250+ trailers daily)

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Yard & Dock ROI Calculator

Evaluate how quickly you’ll save by using 4SIGHT:

4SIGHT’s advanced software can solve logistical challenges while improving productivity and profitability. Use our calculator to see how fast you can expect to see an ROI with 4SIGHT.

Utilize Docks Better With Critical Data

Dock Management Software

Haphazard scheduling creating chaos?

A loading dock is a busy place where staging areas become congested, live drivers can’t be found when needed and workers’ time is wasted waiting on trailers. 4SIGHT™ Dock Management software collects critical equipment analytics that no other systems can provide. Now you can see your entire loading dock, discover ways to reduce detention charges and improve dock utilization — all from one easy-to-use, centralized interface.

Explore Dock Management

These features help improve coordination and streamline your workflow:

Real-Time Dock Status

Effectively monitor activity with visibility into your entire loading dock operation on one screen.

Automated Dock Appointment Scheduling

Automatically schedule and stage dock doors for maximum dock efficiency.

Driver and Trailer Coordination

Manage third-party drivers and coordinate site traffic to reduce bottlenecks in the staging area and increase efficient traffic flow.


Perform maintenance based on actual equipment usage, not hours, and troubleshoot equipment remotely.


Use sensors and cameras to ensure building is secure and reduce theft.

Management Reports

Create meaningful dock usage, turn time and summary reports on an almost unlimited number of items.

Learn how you can increase dock utilization and avoid detention charges:





Safety & Security


Using various sensor technology, 4SIGHT Dock Management gives you all the information you need about what’s going on at every dock door — from a large-scale overview to the smallest details.

  • Capture critical data such as how long a trailer was in the yard and at the dock before unloading or loading began.
  • Review real-time loading dock status on one screen to quickly spot problem loads.
  • Examine potential problem areas with the ability to incorporate current and historical loading dock statistics with company metrics.
  • See problem loads before they cause detention charge issues with dock sensors and timers.
  • Proactively adapt to capacity needs with insight into your upcoming volumes.

With 4SIGHT Dock Management software, you can ensure your loading dock is running at peak performance, helping you prevent detention charges and move your product faster and more efficiently.

  • Effectively manage third-party drivers with a unique paging system that notifies them of their available dock position.
  • Increase dock utilization by 20% or more.
  • Improve turn-time management with 4SIGHT’s advanced location tracking.
  • Reduce labor hours needed.
  • Communicate automatically with live drivers (on-site or off-site) to keep things moving smoothly.
  • Receive alert notifications of selected events, such as load time escalation.
  • Regularly analyze and optimize dock utilization with powerful reports.

4SIGHT’s Dock Management System helps you use all resources as efficiently as possible, providing energy efficiency, improved labor usage and maintenance based on real usage cycle counts.

  • Use sensors to provide dock door status confirmation for energy efficiency and regulatory audits.
  • Control dock door openings when no trailers are present.
  • Monitored door conditions and color display provide quick visual analysis to prevent energy losses.
  • Assist Loss Prevention with increased security via 4SIGHT’s monitoring applications.
  • Increase lifetime usability of dock equipment with better management of dock utilization and usage-based maintenance scheduling.

4SIGHT Dock Management software eliminates unnecessary service and reduces maintenance costs with automated usage tracking and preset maintenance based on real usage instead of simply time.

  • Cycle counts trigger preset maintenance schedules so you get the most out of dock equipment.
  • Receive on-screen alerts and emails for required maintenance.
  • Automatically send email alerts to the service provider as well when maintenance is required.
  • Remotely troubleshoot dock equipment from a single location. 4SIGHT has the capability to call up owner’s manuals and even place a service call to your local provider.
  • Automatically store accurate maintenance logs by service dates and by service tech.
  • Attach any service records, invoices, pictures, etc., you wish to the maintenance logs for future reference.

4SIGHT’s monitoring and authorization features ensure safety for employees and security to prevent losses at your dock.

  • Incorporate employee-ID security at every dock door, using a variety of formats such as biometrics, HMI user/password or HID-type ID card authorization to operate the dock equipment.
  • Monitor the dock remotely with integrated CCTV cameras.
  • Receive confirmation that every loading dock and interior door is 100% closed.
  • Virtually set door and trailer lockdown at a specific loading dock or for all dock doors and trailers in your facility.
  • Receive automatic notification of triggered security breaches from such events as an unauthorized door opening or a trailer leaving prematurely.
  • Monitor conditions such as potentially unsafe trailer restraints.

4SIGHT makes use of various sensors to collect activity data and automated software to ease communications. The technology is easy to use while providing opportunities for advanced diagnostics and analysis to optimize your dock usage. Learn more about our technology and its IT requirements.

  • Collect data about dock activity, including trailer presence, door position, dock leveler position and trailer restraint position through a series of sensors.
    • Sensors are connected through PLCs, and data is run through 4SIGHT Dock Management software.
  • Make quick visual analysis of dock status throughout your facility with our color display.
  • Automate communications to live driver trailers (both on-site and off-site) via cell phones or pagers for the most effective coordination.

See how 4SIGHT has made a big impact on our customers’ operations:

Major Warehouse Retailer

Dock turn times improved by 20 minutes per receiving trailer, saving millions of dollars per year.

Saved per trailer (while processing up to 500 trailers per warehouse daily)

Read Full Case Study

Urban Online Grocer

This fast-paced grocer in New York City was able to adjust its workforce adjustments around 4SIGHT-driven real-time load data.

For 4SIGHT to pay for itself in labor savings alone

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Yard & Dock ROI Calculator

Evaluate how quickly you’ll save by using 4SIGHT:

4SIGHT’s advanced software can solve logistical challenges while improving productivity and profitability. Use our calculator to see how fast you can expect to see an ROI with 4SIGHT.

Protect Sensitive Products

Door Management Software

Has your facility been contaminated or failed audits?

Protecting your product is important in any industry, but particularly so when you’re dealing with items sensitive to contamination, such as food and pharmaceuticals. Open doors can let in dust, dirt and rodents, and lead to temperature or air pressure changes that can adversely affect your products. The 4SIGHT™ Door Management software and air lock systems give you the ability to remotely monitor and control multiple doors so you can cut waste, save money and stay in compliance with government regulations and auditors.

Explore Door Management

Environmental Air Lock Systems

Do you regularly have doors left partially open, letting cold air from your cooler/freezer dock escape? You’re probably spending a lot more on energy than you should. Or do you have problems with rodents or debris getting into food storage areas? Product that gets contaminated is valuable money wasted. Our door interlock systems can fix your facility’s environmental problems by providing constant visibility into door status and alerts to let you know immediately when you have an open door problem.

Pharmaceutical Door Interlocks

With billions invested in pharmaceutical production, it makes sense that the industry is highly regulated and monitored closely. Has your facility failed any inspections? Are employees ignoring rules for interlock-controlled clean rooms, breaching protocol and placing products at risk? 4SIGHT Door Management can give you more control over your facility with the ability to modify your door interlock system, set door controls and monitor all your openings in real-time, receive alerts so you can investigate breaches immediately, and maintain accurate records for compliance reporting.

These features help you reduce waste and stay in compliance with regulatory agencies:

Automated Interlocks

Maintain pressure and particulate control in different areas within your facility and minimize human error.

Remote Door Monitoring

Automatically capture positional, timing and usage data for doors in the facility that can help determine a correlation between door positions, time, pressure cascades/reversals, particulate and humidity condition.

Critical Door Controls

The ability to lock down or release doors to specific areas as needed and integrate with card readers, biometrics or other access tools allows you to maintain control.

Automated Alerts

Set up certain situations for which visual or audible alarms will be set off and text or email notifications will be triggered.

Energy Savings

Monitoring and keeping doors closed keeps precious cooled air inside your refrigerator or freezer areas, and keeps humidity from taxing your dehumidifying systems.

Maintenance Management Tool

Perform remote diagnostics and plan maintenance to be automatically triggered by cycle counts.

See how you can use remote monitoring & control for doors throughout your facility:






Safety & Security


With 4SIGHT Door Management, you can monitor multiple doors and statuses in real time and receive alerts about open doors, so you can remedy the problem immediately.

  • Monitor all types of doors — exit doors, sectional, rolling, bi-parting, swing, sliding, high-speed, elevator, cooler, bug screen, loading dock, rail ramp and fire-rated doors.
  • Remotely control both simple and complex door interlock systems, activators and other functionality.
  • Integrate card reader and/or RFID systems to track employees, equipment or batches for more visibility.
  • Release doors in emergency situations via fire alarm or e-Buttons.
  • View doors in the setup that works best for you — the entire complex, a single building, by floor selection, by room selection or even a single door.

Losing product due to deviations is not only frustrating, but it also reduces your company’s profitability and productivity and create unsafe conditions. With 4SIGHT Door Management, you can minimize wasteful issues like these.

  • Create an integrated system that automatically adjusts for different scenarios and controls the door sequencing and timing dynamically through pressure, particulate and card reader systems to consistently maximize valid production.
  • Decrease time, energy and product wasted by reducing deviations that are attributable to pressure, humidity and particulate failures that are directly related to open doors between two different zones.
  • Minimize compliance and validation issues, reducing regulatory paperwork and giving that time back to other duties.
  • Keep dehumidifiers from being taxed, which means you can avoid condensation issues that can create dangerous ice on dock levelers.

The 4SIGHT Door Management module helps your facility stay on top of problems, reduce waste, save on energy costs and remain in compliance.

  • Reduce temperature fluctuations, dust & dirt contamination and potential cross-contamination with properly utilized door interlock systems.
  • Keep cold air in and hot, humid air away from people and products. And if your warehouse is heated during the winter, keep the cold air out and your employees comfortable inside.
  • Ensure doors are fully closed instead of cracked open — a 4-inch gap on a cooler dock can result in a loss of thousands of tons of refrigerant in one day.
  • Reduce the amount of high-value materials and products disposed of due to deviations.
  • Ensure doors are closed to maintain compliance with the FDA, USDA and other third-party inspection agencies.

4SIGHT’s automated data collection creates a more efficient, timely and verifiable maintenance plan for your doors.

  • Perform remote diagnostics so you can eliminate the costs of sending maintenance into clean room areas to determine what the problem is.
  • Receive immediate alerts about door issues so you can remedy the problem without delay and accurately determine what caused the problem.
  • Automatically track cycle counts for all doors.
  • Set planned maintenance to be triggered by cycles and number of doors.

4SIGHT Door Management’s advanced technology has built-in tools to automatically capture and save the data you need for audits and inspections, so your pharmaceutical facility can stay in compliance with regulatory agencies.

  • 4SIGHT is designed to be compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, which sets criteria for electronic records, including saving a timestamp, user name and meaning of the signature.
  • Save events (records) in binary format or in password-protected SQL Relational Databases.
  • Log system events (security system, display, recipe, report, system warnings) and custom events (custom messages and tag changes).

With 4SIGHT’s Door Management module, human error will no longer leave your facility open and unsecured.

  • Generate visual and audible alarms and trigger alerts under certain conditions.
  • Install employee-ID security at every dock door using biometric, HMI User/Password or HID-type ID card authorization and be assured that 4SIGHT can work seamlessly with your security technology.
  • Receive security breach notifications automatically.
  • Lock down doors when sensitive product is moving from zone to zone.
  • Lock down doors in an interlocked area after a pressure, particulate or humidity failure until the situation is normalized.
  • Receive confirmation that every loading dock door and interior door is 100% closed.

The 4SIGHT Door Management system works with the latest technology and because it is hardware-agnostic, it can work with new technology to come in the future. Learn more about our technology and its IT requirements.

  • View your entire door system at a glance and easily understand and manage data with our user-friendly graphic interface.
  • Work with a variety of interlock types, including incorporating automated alarms and lights for soft interlocks, and more sophisticated controls for hard interlocks.
  • Set interlock timing and control sequencing from central command.
  • Works with any brand and type of door you have — including multiple door types in one facility.
  • Uses the most appropriate sensors for different door types — positional and conditional sensors, direct PLC I/O, mag locks, high-performance locks, and so on.

See how 4SIGHT has made a big impact on our customers’ operations:

Big-Box Retailer

Using Door Management, the retailer was able to stay in compliance for food safety, without adding extra hardware to the dock doors.

Saves money
year after year

Read Full Case Study

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

4SIGHT helped the customer easily identify false door issues, reducing expensive maintenance costs and reducing lost production time.

Airlock areas
remotely controlled

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Network Your Fans for Energy Savings

HVLS Fan System

Do employees complain about temperatures or fight over fan settings?

High-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans require much less energy than traditional HVAC systems, thus providing an energy-efficient solution for cooling large spaces. The 4SIGHT™ iFAN System networks Entrematic Fans or any brand of HVLS fan to allow centralized operations, ensuring you get maximum performance, functionality and savings from using HVLS fans in your facility.

Explore iFan

iFAN features regulate temperatures, increasing employee comfort & saving on energy costs:

Advanced-Design HVLS Fans

Patented airfoils produce a massive, cylindrical column of air that flows down to the floor and outward in all directions, improving circulation and temperature.

Year-Round Temperature Maintenance

The ability to reverse HVLS fans during cooler months means hot air trapped at ceiling level can be circulated to create warmer air throughout the facility.


Connect all your HVLS fans to one system, and control individually, by zone or by facility.

Centralized Operations

Touchscreen computer provides one location from which to easily monitor and control all the fans. Or, control your HVLS fans from any networked computer.

Energy Savings

The ability to analyze key performance measurements and make real-time adjustments ensures you can realize your savings goals.

Automated Temperature Control

Temperature probes can be set at key locations within your facility, then you can set the HVLS fan speeds to be automatically controlled by temperature readings.

Learn how 4SIGHT can provide a centrally-operated, low-maintenance solution:





Energy Savings



With 4SIGHT’s iFAN System, a central computer allows you to operate and monitor HVLS fan activity and performance throughout your facility from one place.

  • Control fans individually, by zone or by facility from the central location.
  • Ensure your operational and energy savings goals are realized by removing the ability for employees to randomly adjust individual fan speeds.
  • Measure key performance statistics and make real-time adjustments to maintain efficiency.

The iFAN System regulates the temperature in your facility at a comfortable level, which research shows can result in improved productivity and safety.

  • Deliver the equivalent of a 7-11 degree decrease in the perceived temperature by creating a 2-3 mph fan breeze, creating a cooler and more comfortable workspace.
  • Automatically change HVLS fan speeds based on fluctuations in temperatures by using temperature probes, keeping your crews comfortable day or night, season to season.
  • Better utilize employee time and energy by setting automatic “set & forget” controls for fans instead of individually managing each fan on a daily basis.

A network of HVLS fans protects your facility and your product integrity, enabling equipment to last longer and reducing costs from product losses.

  • Contributes to achieving LEED certification credits for your facility in various categories: Energy & Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation & Design.
  • Reduce stagnant air, hot and cold spots, and condensation with improved air circulation.
  • Keep food and produce dry and fresh with better air circulation, reducing the potential for mold or spoilage and the costs associated with such product losses.
  • De-stratify air in refrigerated applications by operating iFAN’s HVLS fans in reverse.

iFAN helps you maintain your high-volume, low-speed fans, so you can feel secure focusing your time and budget on other things.

  • Troubleshoot issues from the centralized iFAN interface with an easy-to-locate button to open the manual right on screen.
  • Send a work order straight from the system to the local service provider with the diagnosed problem so the team can come prepared with the correct parts.

Using HVLS fans with iFAN’s smart centralized network reduces your facility’s energy consumption and increases your financial savings.

  • Working with the HVAC system, iFAN’s HVLS fans help regulate temperatures from ceiling to floor, which can allow your facility to raise its thermostat setting 3-5 degrees.
  • Realize a potential energy savings of 4% per degree change.

With 4SIGHT’s iFAN System, safety features are built in, alleviating some common concerns about employee safety.

  • Interconnect iFAN with your fire control system to assist with fire suppression and fire code compliance.
    • Immediately and automatically shut off power to the fans when a fire alarm is triggered.
    • Fans will stop completely within 90 seconds of shut down, preventing fans from fanning a fire or blocking water from sprinkler systems.
    • Achieve compliance w/National Fire Protection Association HVLS fire safety standards.

4SIGHT’s iFAN System incorporates high-tech HVLS fan design with advanced computer technology to create an easy-to-use, efficient system. Learn more about our system technology and its IT requirements.

  • Network all your fans, connected via CAT 5E cables.
  • Configure fans into zones to control in groupings that make the most sense for your facility.
  • Get a custom graphic display of your facility’s fan layout on our 23-inch high-definition, flat-panel touchscreen computer.
  • Monitor and control fans by time settings, temperature settings or temperature variance.
  • Easily and immediately make operational adjustments or perform remote diagnostics.
  • Display a variety of performance statistics for each fan and archive data for analysis.

See how 4SIGHT’s iFAN System has made a big impact on our customers’ operations:

Industrial Manufacturer

With iFAN, airflow systems were synchronized for optimum employee comfort at the lowest cost.

Air management
fully automated

Read Full Case Study

Dairy Farm

Dairy cow production can fall with less-than-optimal temperatures, so iFAN automated airflow to keep the animals consistently comfortable.

Cooler cows
produce more milk

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