New White Paper: Ensuring Executive Buy-In for Your YMS

May 2, 2017

Perhaps you’ve known for quite a while that something just isn’t right with your yard operation.  Or, you’re just now discovering that your yard requires significant improvements.

Realizing you need to make a change with a best-in-class yard management system, or YMS, is one thing. But making the case to senior executives and other key decision makers to obtain their approval can be challenging if you’re not properly prepared.

With the right approach, your chances of gaining approval are much higher. Better yet, by making the right YMS choice, your company could ultimately avoid excess or even unnecessary capital costs with a highly efficient yard operation.

Informative and educational

The latest 4SIGHT Logistics Solution white paper—5 Critical Steps to Ensure Executive Buy-In for Your Yard Management System (YMS)—will help you weave through the process.  This informative and education white paper will walk you through how to properly prepare for presenting your case for a YMS to your senior management team.

The all-important steps begin with demonstrating how a best-in-class YMS will align with your company’s strategic initiatives.  If you can’t clearly articulate how a YMS fits in to your organization’s high-level goals, your project might just stall right out of the gate.

Next, building your case while using the first step as a firm foundation is a great opportunity to address the significance and variabilities of ROI.  This is especially important if you have a small to medium-size yard operation for which ROI becomes much more narrow than larger yard operations.  The white paper also tackles the difference between “hard ROI” vs. “soft ROI”.

WMS yard extension too rigid

Explaining why WMS yard extension falls short at your dock doors and in the yard is the next step toward ensuring executive buy-in for a best-in-class YMS.  Key here is that WMS yard extension is too rigid and also lacks task/driver move logic.  If you’ve invested in a WMS you may think you have best-in-class YMS, but in reality, you don’t.  More on that topic in the white paper.

In addition, potential pain points in your yard are initially often hard to quantify.  That’s why when you build your case to senior management for YMS, it’s vital to make a concerted effort toward identifying and alleviating potential pain points before they become a problem.

Don’t risk losing a key account

For example, especially in the food industry, process conformity and audit requirements are only increasing. Left improperly managed, they can also quickly develop into a major pain point.  One lost trailer containing a perishable food item can be devastating. And failing a food audit can cause a company to lose a key account and a significant amount of business.

Lastly, completing the proper homework in advance will ultimately provide you the facts-based information you need to rely on while presenting your case for a YMS to successfully ensure executive buy-in.

To learn more, download the newest white paper from 4SIGHT Logistics Systems: 5 Critical Steps to Ensure Executive Buy-In for Your Yard Management System (YMS).

And in the meantime, let us know how we can help you understand all of the benefits that a best-in-class YMS has to offer by contacting the 4SIGHT experts today.

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