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HVLS Fan System

Do employees complain about temperatures or fight over fan settings?

High-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans require much less energy than traditional HVAC systems, thus providing an energy-efficient solution for cooling large spaces. The 4SIGHT™ iFAN System networks Entrematic Fans or any brand of HVLS fan to allow centralized operations, ensuring you get maximum performance, functionality and savings from using HVLS fans in your facility.

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iFAN features regulate temperatures, increasing employee comfort & saving on energy costs:

Advanced-Design HVLS Fans

Patented airfoils produce a massive, cylindrical column of air that flows down to the floor and outward in all directions, improving circulation and temperature.

Year-Round Temperature Maintenance

The ability to reverse HVLS fans during cooler months means hot air trapped at ceiling level can be circulated to create warmer air throughout the facility.


Connect all your HVLS fans to one system, and control individually, by zone or by facility.

Centralized Operations

Touchscreen computer provides one location from which to easily monitor and control all the fans. Or, control your HVLS fans from any networked computer.

Energy Savings

The ability to analyze key performance measurements and make real-time adjustments ensures you can realize your savings goals.

Automated Temperature Control

Temperature probes can be set at key locations within your facility, then you can set the HVLS fan speeds to be automatically controlled by temperature readings.

Learn how 4SIGHT can provide a centrally-operated, low-maintenance solution:





Energy Savings



With 4SIGHT’s iFAN System, a central computer allows you to operate and monitor HVLS fan activity and performance throughout your facility from one place.

  • Control fans individually, by zone or by facility from the central location.
  • Ensure your operational and energy savings goals are realized by removing the ability for employees to randomly adjust individual fan speeds.
  • Measure key performance statistics and make real-time adjustments to maintain efficiency.

The iFAN System regulates the temperature in your facility at a comfortable level, which research shows can result in improved productivity and safety.

  • Deliver the equivalent of a 7-11 degree decrease in the perceived temperature by creating a 2-3 mph fan breeze, creating a cooler and more comfortable workspace.
  • Automatically change HVLS fan speeds based on fluctuations in temperatures by using temperature probes, keeping your crews comfortable day or night, season to season.
  • Better utilize employee time and energy by setting automatic “set & forget” controls for fans instead of individually managing each fan on a daily basis.

A network of HVLS fans protects your facility and your product integrity, enabling equipment to last longer and reducing costs from product losses.

  • Contributes to achieving LEED certification credits for your facility in various categories: Energy & Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation & Design.
  • Reduce stagnant air, hot and cold spots, and condensation with improved air circulation.
  • Keep food and produce dry and fresh with better air circulation, reducing the potential for mold or spoilage and the costs associated with such product losses.
  • De-stratify air in refrigerated applications by operating iFAN’s HVLS fans in reverse.

iFAN helps you maintain your high-volume, low-speed fans, so you can feel secure focusing your time and budget on other things.

  • Troubleshoot issues from the centralized iFAN interface with an easy-to-locate button to open the manual right on screen.
  • Send a work order straight from the system to the local service provider with the diagnosed problem so the team can come prepared with the correct parts.

Using HVLS fans with iFAN’s smart centralized network reduces your facility’s energy consumption and increases your financial savings.

  • Working with the HVAC system, iFAN’s HVLS fans help regulate temperatures from ceiling to floor, which can allow your facility to raise its thermostat setting 3-5 degrees.
  • Realize a potential energy savings of 4% per degree change.

With 4SIGHT’s iFAN System, safety features are built in, alleviating some common concerns about employee safety.

  • Interconnect iFAN with your fire control system to assist with fire suppression and fire code compliance.
    • Immediately and automatically shut off power to the fans when a fire alarm is triggered.
    • Fans will stop completely within 90 seconds of shut down, preventing fans from fanning a fire or blocking water from sprinkler systems.
    • Achieve compliance w/National Fire Protection Association HVLS fire safety standards.

4SIGHT’s iFAN System incorporates high-tech HVLS fan design with advanced computer technology to create an easy-to-use, efficient system. Learn more about our system technology and its IT requirements.

  • Network all your fans, connected via CAT 5E cables.
  • Configure fans into zones to control in groupings that make the most sense for your facility.
  • Get a custom graphic display of your facility’s fan layout on our 23-inch high-definition, flat-panel touchscreen computer.
  • Monitor and control fans by time settings, temperature settings or temperature variance.
  • Easily and immediately make operational adjustments or perform remote diagnostics.
  • Display a variety of performance statistics for each fan and archive data for analysis.

See how 4SIGHT’s iFAN System has made a big impact on our customers’ operations:

Industrial Manufacturer

With iFAN, airflow systems were synchronized for optimum employee comfort at the lowest cost.

Air management
fully automated

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Dairy Farm

Dairy cow production can fall with less-than-optimal temperatures, so iFAN automated airflow to keep the animals consistently comfortable.

Cooler cows
produce more milk

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