How do Teams Benefit from a Logistics Solution?

October 1, 2014

The loading dock is an ideal place to initiate superior supply chain process goals. From teams on the loading dock to those out on the yard to teams that are working behind the scenes inside the facility, Big Data can help increase efficiency. By increasing efficiency between your teams on your loading dock, yard and throughout your facility you can ensure that your supply chain is setting off on the right foot from day one. But how and in what ways can a full logistics solution and automation help your teams?

Teams of the past

In the past, teams inside the facility used radios to communicate with teams out on the yard and as you can imagine this at times resulted in lost trailers, confusion and other negative impacts that ripple through a supply chain. Big Data is pertinent data that can be used to increase productivity at your dock and yard and/or to forecast potential issues facing your supply chain management, which can cause issues for your various teams and overall operations.

Sharpen visibility between teams

4SIGHT Logistics Solution

4SIGHT Logistics Solution

A fully automated supply chain management system can heighten your daily visibility, allowing you to see everything that is happening at any one moment on and around your loading dock and yard. This increased visibility allows your teams to immediately spot inefficiencies in the yard before they become a problem that wreaks havoc on your overall operational efficiency. This intelligent software displays activity such as dock door usage, trailer location and identification, off-loading time remaining per dock position and much more. It presents this information through a user-friendly interface.

Explore data for team development

New data gives users a means of exploring analytics through its reporting features. This logistics solution software still may only deal with smaller data, the results are just as big. Metrics are automatically taken from your yard productivity and dock activity that you can use to pin point inefficiencies in your supply chain operations. You may never have even considered this data prior to implementing one of these systems. These metrics will spark questions about your current processes and team goals, and offer insight so you can expand on productivity, reduce inefficiencies and help keep an eye on things such as lost trailers, detention charges and yard bottlenecks.

Improve team activity and labor decisions

Also, this new data gives users the power to schedule equipment maintenance based on actual usage as opposed to a traditional time-based schedule. Dock usage data is collected and displayed, and the system automatically identifies loading docks that have reached a usage threshold. When this occurs, the system automatically sends out an email to your service provider team and maintenance managers, notifying them of the preventative maintenance required. Affected dock doors can be automatically locked out for maintenance ensuring there is no contamination, energy loss or injuries during maintenance. This strategic practice does away with ‘unnecessary’ maintenance that occurs simply because time suggests it should. This new loading dock insight saves you on labor costs and increases equipment life.

Help your team get results

4SIGHT yard management and dock management software provides real-time data that no other systems can provide to fill in the gaps, creating a complete picture that allows your teams to make the best decisions to optimize operations. It can be used for practical business advantage for supply chain management in the any industry. By generating operational efficiency, providing sharpened communication between teams, and by affording users the great benefit of analytics and reporting, you can dramatically increase team effectiveness on the yard, the dock and inside your facility.

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A Smart Investment

Most users see an ROI with 4SIGHT within 12-16 months. However, some users have seen an ROI as quickly as 6-9 months.