4SIGHT Connect – Digital Gate™

Shipment Scheduling and Gate Management Software

Schedule Shipments and Make Quick Decisions

Ask operations managers where the biggest hurdles lie at their facilities and they will most likely say – where do I start? Fortunately, 4SIGHT Connect Digital Gate has a solution for every touchpoint – even before a driver pulls up to the gate.

Your Facility, Your Schedule

Using Digital Gate’s scheduling feature, you control your dock availability, giving you more time to move personnel
to the right place at the right time.

Instantly Know When a Driver Has Arrived

With Digital Gate, managing arrivals and departures is simplified. Drivers arrive at the receiving area or designated check-in place where the Driver Control tablet is prominently displayed. Once the required information is entered on the tablet, your back office receives an alert that the driver has checked in.  Digital Gate then routes a driver to a dock location by sending instructions via text message.

If a driver arrives without an appointment, Digital Gate provides an option to instantly assign a dock or turn him/her away until a dock position becomes readily available.

No Touch Access Check-In for Increased Health Protocols

No Touch Access virtually eliminates contact between drivers and facility personnel.

Enabling the No Touch Access option allows drivers to Pre Check-In without leaving their vehicle via the Mobile Xpress feature on the 4SIGHT Connect Hub mobile app.*  When a No-Touch Access enabled vehicle enters the pre-determined radius (set by facility), the driver taps Check-In on the app, which then alerts the back office immediately. From there, Digital Gate sends text instructions detailing where/how to proceed.

* Facility policies may still require in-person hand-off of BOL
or other physical documents.


Monitor and Assess Every Delivery

Your Digital Gate dashboard provides you with the highest visibility and clearest insight into the turn-time performance of every dock position at every Digital Gate enabled facility.

View at a glance:

  • Number of: On time, early and late appointments
  • Number of: Arrivals without an appointment
  • Average dwell time (including historical comparison over previous periods)
  • Occupied and unoccupied dock positions
  • Scheduled, arrived, departed, and turned away deliveries (including historical comparison over previous periods)
  • Create custom alerts to be notified when a load/unload sequence exceeds targeted dwell time, as well as the arrival status – Early, On Time, Late – of each delivery at check in

Generate and Schedule Reports

Easily create schedules to automatically email any report you choose, on a single day or multiple times per week. You determine the recipient(s) for each report, keeping inbox clutter down and ensuring your team is getting just the information most relevant to them.

Available reports include:

  • Arrivals
  • Arrived, No Appointment
  • Arrived vs Scheduled
  • Departures
  • Dwell Time
  • Scheduled Deliveries
  • Turned Away Deliveries