Food Quality Control Starts with 4SIGHT

March 26, 2014

Food and beverage manufactures and distributors rely on maintaining environmental control and minimizing the time product spends on the loading dock to survive in extremely competitive markets. These operations often run multiple shifts with tremendously high loading cycles so having a system that improves visibility to the operations and logistics and in turn diminish increased concerns about food-borne illnesses, allergens and contamination is essential.

And now that the focus on food safety is more about prevention than reaction, supply chain managers need to look carefully at the products they utilize every day for their loading dock operations. One of the best ways facilities can prevent food related contamination is to limit the amount of time products spend in transit and on the dock by utilizing a yard and dock management system such as 4SIGHT™.

4SIGHT is designed to eliminate the common and most often costly logistics problems. It uses real-time and physical data to assist

Food Processing Application

4SIGHT helps keep food processing under tight control

facilities in efficiently managing operations such as loading dock visibility, live and staged trailer coordination and turn time management.  These systems integrate loading dock equipment with intelligent software to monitor, communicate and manage loading dock status helping companies to avoid costly detention charges and product spoilage.

Don’t get bogged down with yard work. The yard is a dynamic and continuously changing environment that requires tremendous oversight of trailer movements and other time sensitive tasks when it comes to moving perishables from place to place. 4SIGHT Yard Management effectively and efficiently processes inbound trailers when they enter the yard to optimize movements and prevent lost loads. It also helps monitor and improve yard truck efficiency to increase trailer turn time, accuracy and prevent spoilage.

Many systems utilize RFID and various sensor technologies as well as GPS tracking so every trailer movement is recorded.  This increased visibility and monitoring creates real-time performance reports, with the ability to reduce yard check time by 90% and reduce yard labor and equipment resources by up to 30% in many cases. Percentages that can certainly help reduce some of the headaches and costs associated knowing where every trailer is and where it needs to be.

Don’t get down at the dock. Increasing your yard efficiency is just the beginning of the information and cost reduction potential that 4SIGHT Dock Management can bring to your operation. With real-time information and value-added capabilities, it keeps your dock running at optimal efficiency by collecting critical equipment analytics that no other system can provide.  Now you can see your entire loading dock, discover areas to increase efficiency and ensure product is moved as quickly and effectively as possible.

Receiving loading dock status updates from a single interface can assist in reducing labor hours while increasing dock utilization by 20% or more.  And in response to the increased productivity, some systems can even eliminate unnecessary service which can tie up dock positions and leave trailers in the yard or at the dock for hours.

Take Control Inside the Warehouse. HVLS fans were designed to create a comfortable environment while maintaining an energy efficient facility and to provide considerable benefits to employees and the products they are moving.   The breeze produced by these fans protects product integrity by circulating air to keep food and produce dry and fresh reducing spoilage.  Moreover, when in reverse, HVLS fans can even help destratify air in refrigerated applications.

While these fans are a great addition to any operation, there are systems available to help keep up with the controls and settings when you have 10, 20 or 30 plus fans. iFAN™ allows you to network and control multiple fans from a centralized location to ensure maximum fan performance is met to keep employees productive and perishables dry and fresh.

iFAN uses a touch screen computer that allows users to easily monitor and adjust all fan operations. Navigation buttons provide access to operating parameters, temperature or time settings and fan diagnostics. Additionally, iPads and other tablets can be used as remote controls in conjunction with the main screen with similar functionality.

Concerns about food-borne illnesses, allergens and contamination have never been more important as our nation’s food supply demands continue to grow. Equipping your manufacturing or distribution facility with an effective yard and dock management system will help ensure products stay fresh and are loaded and shipped to the consumer with great efficiency, greatly reducing the risk of spoilage or contamination.

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A Smart Investment

Most users see an ROI with 4SIGHT within 12-16 months. However, some users have seen an ROI as quickly as 6-9 months.