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Has your facility been contaminated or failed audits?

Protecting your product is important in any industry, but particularly so when you’re dealing with items sensitive to contamination, such as food and pharmaceuticals. Open doors can let in dust, dirt and rodents, and lead to temperature or air pressure changes that can adversely affect your products. The 4SIGHT™ Door Management software and air lock systems give you the ability to remotely monitor and control multiple doors so you can cut waste, save money and stay in compliance with government regulations and auditors.

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Environmental Air Lock Systems

Do you regularly have doors left partially open, letting cold air from your cooler/freezer dock escape? You’re probably spending a lot more on energy than you should. Or do you have problems with rodents or debris getting into food storage areas? Product that gets contaminated is valuable money wasted. Our door interlock systems can fix your facility’s environmental problems by providing constant visibility into door status and alerts to let you know immediately when you have an open door problem.

Pharmaceutical Door Interlocks

With billions invested in pharmaceutical production, it makes sense that the industry is highly regulated and monitored closely. Has your facility failed any inspections? Are employees ignoring rules for interlock-controlled clean rooms, breaching protocol and placing products at risk? 4SIGHT Door Management can give you more control over your facility with the ability to modify your door interlock system, set door controls and monitor all your openings in real-time, receive alerts so you can investigate breaches immediately, and maintain accurate records for compliance reporting.

These features help you reduce waste and stay in compliance with regulatory agencies:

Automated Interlocks

Maintain pressure and particulate control in different areas within your facility and minimize human error.

Remote Door Monitoring

Automatically capture positional, timing and usage data for doors in the facility that can help determine a correlation between door positions, time, pressure cascades/reversals, particulate and humidity condition.

Critical Door Controls

The ability to lock down or release doors to specific areas as needed and integrate with card readers, biometrics or other access tools allows you to maintain control.

Automated Alerts

Set up certain situations for which visual or audible alarms will be set off and text or email notifications will be triggered.

Energy Savings

Monitoring and keeping doors closed keeps precious cooled air inside your refrigerator or freezer areas, and keeps humidity from taxing your dehumidifying systems.

Maintenance Management Tool

Perform remote diagnostics and plan maintenance to be automatically triggered by cycle counts.

See how you can use remote monitoring & control for doors throughout your facility:






Safety & Security


With 4SIGHT Door Management, you can monitor multiple doors and statuses in real time and receive alerts about open doors, so you can remedy the problem immediately.

  • Monitor all types of doors — exit doors, sectional, rolling, bi-parting, swing, sliding, high-speed, elevator, cooler, bug screen, loading dock, rail ramp and fire-rated doors.
  • Remotely control both simple and complex door interlock systems, activators and other functionality.
  • Integrate card reader and/or RFID systems to track employees, equipment or batches for more visibility.
  • Release doors in emergency situations via fire alarm or e-Buttons.
  • View doors in the setup that works best for you — the entire complex, a single building, by floor selection, by room selection or even a single door.

Losing product due to deviations is not only frustrating, but it also reduces your company’s profitability and productivity and create unsafe conditions. With 4SIGHT Door Management, you can minimize wasteful issues like these.

  • Create an integrated system that automatically adjusts for different scenarios and controls the door sequencing and timing dynamically through pressure, particulate and card reader systems to consistently maximize valid production.
  • Decrease time, energy and product wasted by reducing deviations that are attributable to pressure, humidity and particulate failures that are directly related to open doors between two different zones.
  • Minimize compliance and validation issues, reducing regulatory paperwork and giving that time back to other duties.
  • Keep dehumidifiers from being taxed, which means you can avoid condensation issues that can create dangerous ice on dock levelers.

The 4SIGHT Door Management module helps your facility stay on top of problems, reduce waste, save on energy costs and remain in compliance.

  • Reduce temperature fluctuations, dust & dirt contamination and potential cross-contamination with properly utilized door interlock systems.
  • Keep cold air in and hot, humid air away from people and products. And if your warehouse is heated during the winter, keep the cold air out and your employees comfortable inside.
  • Ensure doors are fully closed instead of cracked open — a 4-inch gap on a cooler dock can result in a loss of thousands of tons of refrigerant in one day.
  • Reduce the amount of high-value materials and products disposed of due to deviations.
  • Ensure doors are closed to maintain compliance with the FDA, USDA and other third-party inspection agencies.

4SIGHT’s automated data collection creates a more efficient, timely and verifiable maintenance plan for your doors.

  • Perform remote diagnostics so you can eliminate the costs of sending maintenance into clean room areas to determine what the problem is.
  • Receive immediate alerts about door issues so you can remedy the problem without delay and accurately determine what caused the problem.
  • Automatically track cycle counts for all doors.
  • Set planned maintenance to be triggered by cycles and number of doors.

4SIGHT Door Management’s advanced technology has built-in tools to automatically capture and save the data you need for audits and inspections, so your pharmaceutical facility can stay in compliance with regulatory agencies.

  • 4SIGHT is designed to be compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, which sets criteria for electronic records, including saving a timestamp, user name and meaning of the signature.
  • Save events (records) in binary format or in password-protected SQL Relational Databases.
  • Log system events (security system, display, recipe, report, system warnings) and custom events (custom messages and tag changes).

With 4SIGHT’s Door Management module, human error will no longer leave your facility open and unsecured.

  • Generate visual and audible alarms and trigger alerts under certain conditions.
  • Install employee-ID security at every dock door using biometric, HMI User/Password or HID-type ID card authorization and be assured that 4SIGHT can work seamlessly with your security technology.
  • Receive security breach notifications automatically.
  • Lock down doors when sensitive product is moving from zone to zone.
  • Lock down doors in an interlocked area after a pressure, particulate or humidity failure until the situation is normalized.
  • Receive confirmation that every loading dock door and interior door is 100% closed.

The 4SIGHT Door Management system works with the latest technology and because it is hardware-agnostic, it can work with new technology to come in the future. Learn more about our technology and its IT requirements.

  • View your entire door system at a glance and easily understand and manage data with our user-friendly graphic interface.
  • Work with a variety of interlock types, including incorporating automated alarms and lights for soft interlocks, and more sophisticated controls for hard interlocks.
  • Set interlock timing and control sequencing from central command.
  • Works with any brand and type of door you have — including multiple door types in one facility.
  • Uses the most appropriate sensors for different door types — positional and conditional sensors, direct PLC I/O, mag locks, high-performance locks, and so on.

See how 4SIGHT has made a big impact on our customers’ operations:

Big-Box Retailer

Using Door Management, the retailer was able to stay in compliance for food safety, without adding extra hardware to the dock doors.

Saves money
year after year

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

4SIGHT helped the customer easily identify false door issues, reducing expensive maintenance costs and reducing lost production time.

Airlock areas
remotely controlled

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