Dramatically Transform Your Dock Operation

With 4SIGHT™ Connect

Real-time access to data means better management and control.

Beneath the surface of your facility’s day-in and day-out dock activities is a wealth of powerful and beneficial data.

Real-time access to that data with cloud-based 4SIGHT Connect will enable you to dramatically transform your dock operation from one that’s based on decades of tradition to one that’s truly “smart.” With your dock system equipment interconnected, you’ll be able to take full control over and streamline your entire dock operation as well as:

  • Monitor physical processes and make data-based decisions.
  • Transmit equipment operational information to personnel for remote management.
  • Receive condition-based maintenance alerts so shipments can be redistributed to other docks in order to minimize downtime during repairs.
  • Improve product staging and shipping monitoring.
  • Better manage operational costs.
  • Eliminate waste and unnecessary work by identifying monitoring lags in turnaround time.

Important features that help improve facility and production flow monitoring:

4SIGHT Connect Dashboard

The 4SIGHT Connect Dashboard allows you to filter and sort dock status at will. Viewing alarms and override events is easy, and you can also display group and activity information, generate custom reports and schedules

Dock Equipment Status

Provides a scrollable list view of all docks, a detailed dock view with detailed equipment information, override request/authorization as well as remote notification and/or authorization and password settings to control dock operation.

Standard Reporting Suite

Critical dock operation reports include load time, dock utilization, cycle counts, override time and schedule reports emailed based on the past 24 hours of the previous day.

Custom Alert Configuration

Receive email alerts based on the following conditions: restraint errors, restraint engage, loss of communication, restraint override and restraint release.

Here’s the impact you can expect to see from 4SIGHT Connect:


Gain more visibility into what’s happening at your dock than you’ve ever experienced before with 4SIGHT Connect:

  • Easily identify inefficiencies at your dock and make informed decisions concerning equipment upkeep and maintenance.
  • Monitor dock operations in real time (including dock status, truck turn time and equipment overrides) which means you can quickly take action to correct any problem issues.
  • Perform operations remotely from the 4SIGHT Connect Dashboard, such as approving an override, without needing to do so directly at the dock position.
  • Send dock event alerts to managers and supervisors no matter where they are in your facility.
  • Receive insightful data that will help improve truck turn times and many other dock operations.

Yard & Dock ROI Calculator

Evaluate how quickly you’ll save by using 4SIGHT:

4SIGHT’s advanced software can solve logistical challenges while improving productivity and profitability. Use our calculator to see how fast you can expect to see an ROI with 4SIGHT.

See how 4SIGHT has made a big impact on our customers’ operations:

Major Meat Producer

Automating processes led to an increase from 4.5 HPH to 6.5 HPH and a reduction in yard tractors needed from 8 to 6.

Reduction in yard inventory

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Major Warehouse Retailer

RFID gate processing reduced trailer check-in/check-out time up to 5 minutes per trailer.

Saved per trailer (while processing 250+ trailers daily)

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