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Haphazard scheduling creating chaos?

A loading dock is a busy place where staging areas become congested, live drivers can’t be found when needed and workers’ time is wasted waiting on trailers. 4SIGHT™ Dock Management software collects critical equipment analytics that no other systems can provide. Now you can see your entire loading dock, discover ways to reduce detention charges and improve dock utilization — all from one easy-to-use, centralized interface.

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These features help improve coordination and streamline your workflow:

Real-Time Dock Status

Effectively monitor activity with visibility into your entire loading dock operation on one screen.

Automated Dock Appointment Scheduling

Automatically schedule and stage dock doors for maximum dock efficiency.

Driver and Trailer Coordination

Manage third-party drivers and coordinate site traffic to reduce bottlenecks in the staging area and increase efficient traffic flow.


Perform maintenance based on actual equipment usage, not hours, and troubleshoot equipment remotely.


Use sensors and cameras to ensure building is secure and reduce theft.

Management Reports

Create meaningful dock usage, turn time and summary reports on an almost unlimited number of items.

Learn how you can increase dock utilization and avoid detention charges:





Safety & Security


Using various sensor technology, 4SIGHT Dock Management gives you all the information you need about what’s going on at every dock door — from a large-scale overview to the smallest details.

  • Capture critical data such as how long a trailer was in the yard and at the dock before unloading or loading began.
  • Review real-time loading dock status on one screen to quickly spot problem loads.
  • Examine potential problem areas with the ability to incorporate current and historical loading dock statistics with company metrics.
  • See problem loads before they cause detention charge issues with dock sensors and timers.
  • Proactively adapt to capacity needs with insight into your upcoming volumes.

With 4SIGHT Dock Management software, you can ensure your loading dock is running at peak performance, helping you prevent detention charges and move your product faster and more efficiently.

  • Effectively manage third-party drivers with a unique paging system that notifies them of their available dock position.
  • Increase dock utilization by 20% or more.
  • Improve turn-time management with 4SIGHT’s advanced location tracking.
  • Reduce labor hours needed.
  • Communicate automatically with live drivers (on-site or off-site) to keep things moving smoothly.
  • Receive alert notifications of selected events, such as load time escalation.
  • Regularly analyze and optimize dock utilization with powerful reports.

4SIGHT’s Dock Management System helps you use all resources as efficiently as possible, providing energy efficiency, improved labor usage and maintenance based on real usage cycle counts.

  • Use sensors to provide dock door status confirmation for energy efficiency and regulatory audits.
  • Control dock door openings when no trailers are present.
  • Monitored door conditions and color display provide quick visual analysis to prevent energy losses.
  • Assist Loss Prevention with increased security via 4SIGHT’s monitoring applications.
  • Increase lifetime usability of dock equipment with better management of dock utilization and usage-based maintenance scheduling.

4SIGHT Dock Management software eliminates unnecessary service and reduces maintenance costs with automated usage tracking and preset maintenance based on real usage instead of simply time.

  • Cycle counts trigger preset maintenance schedules so you get the most out of dock equipment.
  • Receive on-screen alerts and emails for required maintenance.
  • Automatically send email alerts to the service provider as well when maintenance is required.
  • Remotely troubleshoot dock equipment from a single location. 4SIGHT has the capability to call up owner’s manuals and even place a service call to your local provider.
  • Automatically store accurate maintenance logs by service dates and by service tech.
  • Attach any service records, invoices, pictures, etc., you wish to the maintenance logs for future reference.

4SIGHT’s monitoring and authorization features ensure safety for employees and security to prevent losses at your dock.

  • Incorporate employee-ID security at every dock door, using a variety of formats such as biometrics, HMI user/password or HID-type ID card authorization to operate the dock equipment.
  • Monitor the dock remotely with integrated CCTV cameras.
  • Receive confirmation that every loading dock and interior door is 100% closed.
  • Virtually set door and trailer lockdown at a specific loading dock or for all dock doors and trailers in your facility.
  • Receive automatic notification of triggered security breaches from such events as an unauthorized door opening or a trailer leaving prematurely.
  • Monitor conditions such as potentially unsafe trailer restraints.

4SIGHT makes use of various sensors to collect activity data and automated software to ease communications. The technology is easy to use while providing opportunities for advanced diagnostics and analysis to optimize your dock usage. Learn more about our technology and its IT requirements.

  • Collect data about dock activity, including trailer presence, door position, dock leveler position and trailer restraint position through a series of sensors.
    • Sensors are connected through PLCs, and data is run through 4SIGHT Dock Management software.
  • Make quick visual analysis of dock status throughout your facility with our color display.
  • Automate communications to live driver trailers (both on-site and off-site) via cell phones or pagers for the most effective coordination.

See how 4SIGHT has made a big impact on our customers’ operations:

Major Warehouse Retailer

Dock turn times improved by 20 minutes per receiving trailer, saving millions of dollars per year.

Saved per trailer (while processing up to 500 trailers per warehouse daily)

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Urban Online Grocer

This fast-paced grocer in New York City was able to adjust its workforce adjustments around 4SIGHT-driven real-time load data.

For 4SIGHT to pay for itself in labor savings alone

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4SIGHT’s advanced software can solve logistical challenges while improving productivity and profitability. Use our calculator to see how fast you can expect to see an ROI with 4SIGHT.

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