Drug Manufacturer Prevents Costly Door Maintenance

The Problem

This pharmaceutical manufacturer needed positional, timing and usage data for doors inside its facility, as well as remote control. They needed to measure, monitor and control door positions and the door interlock systems. They also needed to understand how the facility doors directly affect pressure cascades/reversals, particulate and humidity conditions. If controlled properly, high-level door control could contribute to an increase in production and a reduction in deviations.

When a pressure cascade or reversal occurred in its airlock areas, it was standard procedure to send in a door maintenance team (fully gowned) to see if the area’s doors were the culprit. This costly procedure became frequent over time because associates commonly forced doors open, or damaged the doors while moving material tanks through the airlocks.

Solution Design

4SIGHT was designed to give the operation an advanced door interlock system and full door monitoring and control of every type of door in its airlock areas. Now every department (production, quality, engineering and maintenance) can quickly see all the door activity on their computers and run reports to confirm any door-related pressure cascades or reversals. And with the 4SIGHT control features, they can lock out certain doors in order to contain particular areas for a production run, material transfer or shutdown activity.

Airlock areas
remotely controlled

Bottom Line

Door visibility is critical for this operation. Now the customer has reduced operating costs by not having to gown up maintenance staff.

A Smart Investment

Most users see an ROI with 4SIGHT within 12-16 months. However, some users have seen an ROI as quickly as 6-9 months.

Web-Based Software

4SIGHT is 100% browser-based, so you can manage your operations through the web from a variety of devices.