Drug Manufacturer Avoids Expensive New Air System


The Problem

This pharmaceutical manufacturer needed to update an old area of the building, primarily due to the inability to maintain proper pressure in various airlock production areas. They had to make a choice between installing a new air handling system or an advanced door interlock system. To do both would have been too expensive.

Solution Design

Because the company had experience with 4SIGHT, it chose to install the 4SIGHT advanced door interlock, monitoring and control system instead of the much more expensive new air-handling system. With 4SIGHT they could get positional, timing and usage data for doors inside the facility, as well as remote control. They understood from previous 4SIGHT installations how doors can directly affect pressure cascades/reversals, particulate and humidity conditions.

Regulatory costs

Bottom Line

Once 4SIGHT was installed, the customer did not need a new air-handling system. In fact, with the original air handlers, there was excess airflow for other operations. The customer was also able to declassify certain areas, which further saved regulatory and gowning costs. With 4SIGHT advanced door control, the facility will increase sellable products and reduce deviations.

A Smart Investment

Most users see an ROI with 4SIGHT within 12-16 months. However, some users have seen an ROI as quickly as 6-9 months.

Web-Based Software

4SIGHT is 100% browser-based, so you can manage your operations through the web from a variety of devices.