For decades, warehouse and DC managers have faced distinct handicaps both at the dock and in the yard. The overall lack of information available at their fingertips has led to ongoing inefficiencies that in today’s fast-paced world of e-commerce are no longer acceptable.

Collecting and sharing information manually at the dock or in the yard via visual observation, phone, emails, spreadsheets or even whiteboards—made even more difficult by the physical separation between the dock and the yard themselves—just isn’t a viable option anymore.

The ideal solution to such historic challenges is to—via the cloud—seamlessly connect dock equipment monitoring, controls and alerts to real-time truck and driver status that are instantly accessible from your desk or mobile device. This will not only provide ongoing intelligence about what’s occurring at the dock and in the yard but will provide guidance as to what should happen next and when.

This high degree of visibility, the end result of interconnected devices and equipment providing an efficient flow of product and information, is quickly moving the “smart” warehouse of the future toward becoming a reality.

Introducing the 4SIGHT™ Connect suite of information tools

The good news is that right now, the 4SIGHT™ Connect cloud-based suite of information tools, including:

Digital Dock™ with a Digital Master Control Panel
Digital Gate™ with Driver Control
• 4SIGHT Connect Hub Mobile Xpress app

is poised to transform the future of facility management by providing easy access to data and analytical insights previously not available.