4SIGHT Team Encounters Yard & Dock Solutions-Driven Attendees at MODEX 2016

April 22, 2016

The 4SIGHT Logistics Solution team always eagerly looks forward to participating in the material handling industry’s preeminent annual trade shows. Earlier this month it was MODEX in Atlanta. Next year it’s ProMat in Chicago.

This year, 4SIGHT experienced a high level of interest in both yard management and dock management based on a growing desire industrywide for supply chain solutions. Overall, feedback from visitors to 4SIGHT’s booth clearly indicated that there is a driving need in the material handling industry for yard management (YMS) and dock (DMS) management solutions.

Once relatively unknown concepts, the need for YMS and DMS is growing as well as warehouses and distribution centers continue to explore methods to run their yard and dock operations smarter and more efficiently. While many 4SIGHT booth visitors are still using antiquated approaches to yard management and dock management, others have employed “home grown” applications that are now approaching 10 to 15 years old and are not keeping up their yard management and dock management needs.

The 4SIGHT team noticed that the number of exhibitors divided among MODEX’s four separate Solutions Center areas (Manufacturing & Assembly, Fulfillment & Delivery, Information Technology and The Knowledge Center) appeared higher than ever.

Solutions Driving Manufacturing Competitiveness

Experiencing this enhanced level of interest in solutions first-hand correlates directly with a recent survey of 500 senior manufacturing executives from around the world. The report indicates that by 2020, the U.S. is projected to surpass China by securing the No. 1 spot globally as the most competitive manufacturing nation (according to the 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index report by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (Deloitte Global) and the Council on Competitiveness.

As was discussed widely at MODEX, with the show’s emphasis on robotics as a growing technology that can help businesses deal with a variety of business challenges, the connection between technology and solutions is here to stay.

Taking Time Out for 4SIGHT

4SIGHT-Modex-Givewaway-TableKnown as “the Greatest Supply Chain Show on Earth”, to say MODEX is huge is an understatement as the show featured more than 850 exhibitors located on more than 250,000 square feet of floor space. The 4SIGHT team was impressed with not only the increase in a number of MODEX attendees who took time out of their busy show schedules to visit the booth for 4SIGHT demos, but also the increase in 4SIGHT customers themselves who stopped by compared to past shows.

MODEX 2016 marked the third time 4SIGHT participated at that particular tradeshow, and during the past few years, the 4SIGHT software is becoming more and more recognized as a viable supply chain solution. In addition to booth visitors who experienced 4SIGHT for the first time, the 4SIGHT team met with many established customers who are working with 4SIGHT based on a long-term systems-oriented relationship.

The 4SIGHT team also received numerous positive comments about the newly unveiled 4SIGHT tradeshow booth backdrop which better explains what 4SIGHT is all about.

WMS and YMS Integration Growing

From a warehouse management system (WMS) perspective, the 4SIGHT team noticed that WMS, combined or integrated with YMS and DMS as a niche industry (both inside and outside of the yard) is definitely on a growth curve. While WMS focuses on handling the inside of a facility’s four walls, YMS and DMS focus on outside of the four walls. And they’re all a perfect complement to each other.

The 4SIGHT team encountered a variety of inquiries about 4SIGHT’s capabilities. They ranged from an attendee who was curious about how they can use their assets more fully—such as utilizing inactive yard tractors as short-run shuttles for local customers—and manage that via YMS, to an attendee who is evaluating a RFID portal concept that’s relative to using the dock door’s portal (connecting WMS to DMS) in order to accelerate the time it takes to load trailers.

Another visitor operates a warehouse facility that relies 100% on a robotic automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) on the inbound side. However, he’s running into safety issues with robotics and trailer loading for outbound shipping and is looking to address that challenge using a RFID solution. This is a good example of how 4SIGHT is looking to expand its YMS and DMS solutions to ensure additional safety features for robotic operations.

New 4SIGHT Website   

And finally, the 4SIGHT team took the opportunity during MODEX to showcase the new 4SIGHT website at www.4sightsolution.com. The updated site features improved navigation, enhanced graphics, and an all-around better user experience.

So whether or not you were able to attend this year’s MODEX show and have not had the opportunity to experience a 4SIGHT demo first hand, the 4SIGHT team encourages you to first take the new 4SIGHT website for a test drive.

Then, take a moment to check out the site’s new Schedule a Demo section so you too can experience in person all that 4SIGHT has to offer your facility. Or, call 4SIGHT at 866-691-1377.

We look forward to helping you learn more about how 4SIGHT can assist with your unique yard management and dock management challenges.

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