4SIGHT: Logistics Security, like you’ve Never Seen Before

August 5, 2014

Facility managers and warehouse executives are facing unique challenges as logistics continue to increase and become more complex worldwide. While many of the issues and costs associated with moving materials and products are out of your control, there are product solutions and systems available that increase operational and logistics efficiency by optimizing yard, dock and warehouse processes while keeping a close watch on your facility’s security.

4SIGHT Logistics Solution

Supply chain costs and challenges
The costs and challenges associated with supply chain management are on an upward trend with little relief in sight. Rising fuel costs, increased labor costs and even loss due to theft or misplaced loads have hit all-time highs and have companies tightening their belts and looking for solutions to combat these issues. The best place to start is by controlling all the costs that you can by increasing the security of your yard and dock operations.

Integration for a streamlined operation
Designed to eliminate the common and most often costly losses around the loading dock and yard, the 4SIGHT™ Yard and Dock Management System provides real-time and physical data to assist facilities in efficiently managing operations such as loading dock visibility and live and staged trailer coordination. This system integrates loading dock equipment utilizing a network of sensors with intelligent software to monitor, communicate and finally, manage loss prevention in the yard and on the dock.
4SIGHT uses a variety of GPS, RFID and equipment sensors to gather real-time data which allows companies to monitor and manage activity at each dock door and in the yard.

From status to story
From loading dock door status to truck and trailer access, 4SIGHT provides an accurate picture of a facility’s overall operations, authorized and unauthorized.
Prior to installation of a system like 4SIGHT, companies had no way to track dock door movements except with a visual inspection which is hardly an efficient method of managing security operations. These systems monitor things such as the amount of time the trailer is being loaded or unloaded and compare it to how long the trailer sat idle at that dock door leaving it open for theft and damage.

Bulk up on security and defend your assets
One of the most valuable features that 4SIGHT and integrated dock equipment provides to companies is its cost effective means of providing additional security to the dock doors. Users have the ability to remotely close all doors from a single location and manage control of trailer departure from the dock after loading and unloading. And in the event of high value loads, the system can lock out equipment allowing for only authorized personnel to be on the dock during that time with biometrics such as fingerprint identification. As an additional feature, the system has the ability to recognize the difference between a security breach and regular operations which saves time and money on investigating false alarms.

This easy-to-implement, tailored yard and dock management system and the supporting dock equipment do more than simply track trailer movements, they act as an extra set of eyes which provide more accurate tracking of your facility’s operations and saves time and money associated with securing your yard, loading dock and warehouse logistics.
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A Smart Investment

Most users see an ROI with 4SIGHT within 12-16 months. However, some users have seen an ROI as quickly as 6-9 months.