4SIGHT: Doing More with Less

December 2, 2013

The yard is a dynamic and continuously changing environment that requires tremendous oversight of trailer movements and other time sensitive tasks.  4SIGHT’s Yard Management System utilizes the latest in RFID and GPS technology to provide real-time, accurate information to help you keep track of everything going on in your yard. By the time a trailer arrives at the gate, you’ll know exactly what the load is, where it needs to be and how to get it there as efficiently as possible.

TrailerMetricsDesigned to eliminate the common and most often costly logistics problems around the yard, 4SIGHT integrates equipment with intelligent software to monitor, communicate and manage yard, driver, trailer and dock position statuses to help companies avoid costly detention charges, product spoilage, employee accidents and much more.  4SIGHT acts as an extra set of eyes which allows you to keep more accurate track of your yard operations and save time and money.

Tracking costly problems before they start is the foundation of yard management. So why not start outside the gate and in the yard before problems make their way into your warehouse by monitoring things such as carrier performance, temperature sensitive loads and more?

4SIGHT utilizes the latest in RFID and various sensor technologies as well as GPS tracking so every trailer movement is recorded in real-time.  This increased visibility and monitoring creates more accurate performance reports, with the ability to reduce yard check time by 90% and reduce yard labor and equipment resources by up to 30% in many cases. Savings that can certainly help reduce some of the headaches and costs associated with managing your logistics operations.

But what about managing those wandering third-party drivers?  4SIGHT provides a single interface that captures all trailer statuses while a variety of types of driver notification methods are used to make trailer movements timely and efficient.  These alerts tell drivers when a dock position is ready, allowing you to not only reduce bottle necks at the gate but manage your over flow yard areas.  This increase in efficiency has the potential for customers to realize a positive dock position utilization increase of 20 percent or more in some applications.

Proactive change on the loading dock and in your logistics operations is a proven method to help reduce excess costs associated with moving products and materials. But how do you know what to change and when?

4SIGHT can provide you custom metrics and reports based on an almost unlimited number of parameters.  You can monitor gate performance and optimize efficiency with carrier arrival and departure data to help prioritize trailer movements and tasks. You can even receive tailored reports to monitor trailer status and storage dwell time to help keep track of all your assets.

No matter what type of products you are seeking to move, integrating a tailored 4SIGHT Yard Management System will help take your operation to the next level by optimizing your logistics.  From the moment a trailer enters your yard to the time it leaves, you’ll know exactly where it is, what’s on it, where it needs to be and how to get it there as quickly as possible.

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A Smart Investment

Most users see an ROI with 4SIGHT within 12-16 months. However, some users have seen an ROI as quickly as 6-9 months.